Night Obsession

(Night 6)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, MFM, HEA

Alastair and Ian Wyndham had become used to their wife, Serena, having visions of the future, but the latest one left them reeling.

Someone had plans to kidnap her.

Her visions had given them a warning, one that they planned to take full advantage of.

But even with their combined abilities, they wouldn’t take a chance with Serena, so instead of going to the fundraiser, they’d decided to stay at home.

Serena knew her husband worried, but every time she’d tried to alter one of her visions, something had always gone wrong, and she was very much afraid that if they stayed home, something worse could happen.

With extra security measures in place, they went to the fundraiser, only to have a diversion separate them from her.

And into the hands of the man who planned to take her from them.


It took several clumsy attempts, but Serena finally managed to pull the combs from her hair and clasp one on each hand.

Pausing to take several deep breaths, she fought the nausea and dizziness and made her way the five or six feet to the door of the storage unit.

It took even more effort to pull herself up to her knees to reach the lock.

Once she did, she held one comb between her teeth while sliding the metal piece from behind the decorative bar.

Frustrated that her hands wouldn’t cooperate, she mentally cursed, glancing at the stairs where she expected to see Alastair appear any second.

Once she got the metal piece free, she blew out a breath and carefully removed the other comb from her mouth and slid in the other, careful to keep the metal piece pointed outward.

Because she had to keep grabbing on to the wooden slats of the door for support, it took several attempts to get the other metal piece free.

Knowing that Alastair and Ian would be rescuing her gave her the strength that she needed.

She could do this.

Gripping the lock tightly, she slid the piece she held into the bottom and carefully took the other comb from her mouth.

“Easy, baby. Don’t rush it.”

Relieved to hear Ian’s voice in her head, she smiled and let it wash over her, much as she had their touch that morning.

“I know what I’m doing, Ian. You taught me, remember?”

“You’re dizzy and in pain. Alastair is going to find you in a matter of minutes. You can stop and just sit down until he gets there.”

She focused on the tumblers, which she knew would be easy on such a cheap lock. “I can do this.”

“Why are you in pain? What happened?”

Serena found the lock harder to unlock than she anticipated, her fuzzy mind and sluggish movements making her task much more difficult than it should have been. “Dizzy. Stumbled. Abe dropped me down the stairs.”

“Fucking asshole. Alastair and I both felt it and couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. Your right ankle must be killing you.”

“Yeah, but probably not as bad as it would be without this drug in my system.”

“Not funny.”

Serena took another deep breath and wiggled the comb, filled with satisfaction when the lock clicked open. “I did it.”

“Of course you did. Alastair found the door. Love you, baby.”

Hearing the basement door open, Serena dropped to her butt with a smile, her heart near to bursting at the sight of Alastair’s beloved face, hard with anger and worry as he rushed down the steps.

He reached the door, took the lock off and flung it away before yanking the door open and bending to pick her up.

He straightened, moving carefully and pulled her against him, enfolding her in his arms. “Jesus, baby. I turned around and you were gone. You’re hurt. We’re going to the hospital. Ian’s making sure that Steve will be waiting.”

Turning, he started up the steps. “What the hell happened?”

Serena dropped her head against his shoulder, secure in the knowledge that he wouldn’t drop her. “Stephanie Banks was knocked down, and she was trying to protect her belly in the crowd. I didn’t even think. I went to her and helped her up. I looked up and you were gone.”

Alastair carried her up the stairs with ease and went through the doorway to the carpeted hallway. “I was frantically searching for my beloved wife.”

She took several more deep breaths, , unsurprised to see Jonathan, still in his waiter’s uniform, approach.

“Are you all right?”

Leaning into Alastair, Serena nodded and touched her neck. “I’m fine. Just dizzy. Nauseated. He dropped me down the steps.”

Jonathan’s expression hardened even more. “We have the paramedics here. They’re going to check you out and take you to the hospital.”

Alastair carried her toward the back exit. “I have our own doctor waiting.”

Jonathan nodded. “He’s on the phone with the paramedic now.”

Serena held out a hand. “Is Stephanie all right?”

Nodding again, Jonathan motioned to one of his agents. “She’s fine, but we sent her to the hospital to get checked out. Her husband was frantic that she fell.”

Alastair bent to kiss Serena’s hair. “I can understand that,”

Relieved, Serena dropped her head back against Alastair’s shoulder again, finding it harder and harder to focus. “Please tell me that you caught them.”

Jonathan gestured toward a spot behind her, and with a gentleness that no longer surprised her, Alastair slowly turned her.

The female agent had cuffed Abe and his sister and, as Serena watched, handed them over to two more agents and approached just a step behind Jonathan. “Are you all right, Mrs. Wyndham?”

“I’m fine. He dropped me. Fucking weakling.”

The female agent snorted and shared a look with Alastair.. “I’m sure you must think so. I have to get these two processed.”

Alastair lifted Serena’s chin and eyed her neck critically. “Come on, darling. Let’s get you to the hospital. Steve will be waiting for us when we get there.”


“Yes, darling?”

“I think I’m going to –”

When her words trailed off, Alastair cursed and hurried his steps.

And then everything went black.

The Night Collection, Volume 1

Collection contains:

Night Relations

(Night 5)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, BDSM, MFM, HEA

Married to Ian and Alastair Wyndham, Serena was happier than she’d ever been.

She knew it was difficult for Ian and Alastair to deal with her dark visions, and relied on their strength to get her through them.

Determined to find the kidnapper and rapist she’d seen in a new vision, she relied on their help and that of their handler from a secret government agency.

Ian and Alastair knew that Serena’s visions, her ability to see future events, and her ability to read the minds of people around her were all very much a part of her.

They’d learned how to bring light to her when darkness threatened to overwhelm her.

But someone else, someone from her past sent her into a turmoil.

They admired her strength in facing him, but it cost her, and only their love could make her whole again.


Disconnecting, Alastair tucked his phone away and carried the suitcases to the master bedroom, surprised to find Ian and Serena standing by the window deep in conversation.

Frowning and alert for trouble, Alastair set the suitcases just inside the door. “Is something wrong?”

Ian appeared intrigued at whatever they’d been talking about. “No. Just a theory we need to test. Coming to the gym with us?”

“No.” Approaching Serena, Alastair loosened his tie. “Jonathan called. He was watching for us to fly in. He needs to see me, and it sounds urgent.”

Serena frowned and stepped closer, flattening a hand on his chest. “He—”

She paused, stilling in the way she did whenever she had a vision.

After just a few seconds, she took a breath and lowered her hand with a nod. “Women are being kidnapped. Women with wealthy husbands. Huge ransoms. If they tell anyone, he’ll kill their wives. It’s people we know. Louise Tanner was first. Two months ago.”

Ian ran a hand down her back. “What happened?”

“He paid ten million dollars in diamonds to get her back.”

Alastair raked a hand through his hair, remembering that Edwin Tanner was a jeweler. “Jesus! Was she hurt?”

“He raped her. Over and over.” Serena sniffed and wiped a tear away. “He’s one of the waiters from a catering company. These rich people have it all and don’t even see him. He’s going to get money from them and take the rich, stuck-up women. Rape them. Make them enjoy it. He’s got toys. Sex toys that he’s learning how to use.”

She wrapped her arms around herself as if chilled, and he could already see the headache forming. “When he lets them go, he’ll see them again at parties. Functions. All those fundraisers and get-togethers the rich people enjoy. He’s there. Working. He can watch them. While he’s holding them hostage, he wears a mask and lets them see his eyes. After he releases them and sees them at parties where he’s working, they’ll see his eyes and know that he not only raped them but made them enjoy it. But they won’t know for sure. And when he’s rich enough, he’ll be able to have his pick. And one by one, he’ll use them.”

She took a steadying breath and moved away from both of them, a sob escaping. “He kept her for four days.”

Shaking her head, she held out a hand to keep them from touching her. “No. Wait. I need to see.”

Alastair fisted his hands at his sides, hating that she lived horror after horror.


And again.

It infuriated both of them to watch her suffer, but they’d learned that they had to give her the room she needed to experience the visions that were so much a part of her.

They could be there, though, to light as much of the darkness as they could and to give her the support she needed when she became overwhelmed.

She took another deep breath and let it out slowly, a sign of her need to settle herself before continuing. “Deborah Miser was next.”

Ian reached for her, dropping his hand when she shook her head and stepped back again. “Hell. Is she all right?”

Turning away, she stared out the window, and Alastair suspected that she saw nothing outside. She rubbed her temple, a sign that her headache had gotten intense. “He did the same thing with her. He demanded money be sent to an account. It was faster. He got the money faster. Another ten million dollars. She’s back home with Thomas now, but they’re both devastated.”

Serena turned to him, including both of them in her tense smile. “He’s afraid to ask for more. He doesn’t know how much money the rich people have, and he’s afraid that someone is going to tell him that they don’t have that kind of money. He doesn’t want to negotiate.”

She stiffened again, her eyes going wide, her features deathly pale. “He’s picked out the next one. Oh, God. He’s taking her now. Mary Jenkins. I can’t see where they are. It’s blurred.”

Alastair had had enough. Snaking an arm around her, he pulled her against him. “Enough. You’re white as a ghost, and you’re shaking.”

Ian ran a hand over her hair. “Alastair is going to meet with Jonathan and get more information.”

He bent to kiss her temple right above the spot that she rubbed. “Although I can’t imagine that Jonathan has gathered as much information as you have.”

He sent Alastair a look. “Tell Jonathan what she knows. I don’t give a damn if he believes her or not.”

“I will. Get her out to see the dogs. They always cheer her up.”

Alastair grimaced when Serena shivered, picturing each of the victims in his mind, remembering how happy they’d appeared the last time he saw them. “We’ll get him, baby. We’ll find Mary.”

Straightening, she nodded and turned to Ian. “I agreed to your self-defense lessons because I saw us together in the gym. Now, I’m really sure. Something about your training helps me.”

Alastair released Serena when Ian pulled her closer. “Oh? Helps how?”

Shaking her head, Serena frowned. “I don’t know. There’s something missing, and until I figure it out, there’s a big hole. It’s not all connected. I need to figure it out before I see him.”

Ian stiffened, gripping her shoulders and holding her at arm’s length to see her face. “See him? You’re not getting within a mile of this guy.”

Serena’s took another deep breath. “Yes. I will. After we rescue Mary, he’s going to try to kidnap me.”

Night Visions

(Night 4)

Menage Everlasting: Contemporary Menage a Trois Paranormal Romantic Suspense Romance, MFM, HEA

Serena Abbott had promised to marry Ian and Alastair Wyndham, who not only accepted her psychic abilities, but could help her deal with the darkness that came with them.

Her own screams woke her when she dreamed of murders, but the vision of one of her lovers betraying her with another woman proved more than she could bear.

Alarmed and fearing for peace of mind, Ian and Alastair Wyndham fought to push away the lingering horror while Ian struggled with her belief that he would betray her.

Hurt at her mistrust, Ian tried to convince her that her vision was wrong, but with a serial killer on the loose, one who targeted women who looked like Serena, he knew that he’d just have to let her see the truth for herself.

When the vision played out in front of her, she found herself at the mercy of the killer, her connection to Ian the only thing that could save her.


Ian holed himself up in his office for the rest of the afternoon and evening, avoiding both Alastair and Serena.

In his present mood, he thought it best to stay away from Serena, the urge to bend her over and take her from behind again, to brand her as his, far too tempting for his peace of mind.

Grateful for the vision that brought her to them, Ian scraped a hand through his hair and went to the window, staring out into the darkness.

He loved her.

Just the thought of it scared the hell out of him, but he was realistic enough to know that he wouldn’t have changed that fact even if he’d wanted to.

His possessiveness grew by the day, but her easy acceptance that their relationship wouldn’t last heightened it to the point that he wanted to imprint himself on her in a way she would never forget.

Jealous of Alastair’s ease with her, Ian went to the small bar between the bookshelves and poured himself a straight whiskey.

Alastair had made the discovery that he could shield her from the thoughts of others, allowing her to be out in public for the first time in years.

It had taken a lot of practice and nerve-wracking frustration, but Ian had finally been able to shield her from the thoughts of others.

Over time, he did it with more ease, but it annoyed him that Alastair was better at it.

Serena, however, had grown stronger and rarely needed them to block her anymore.

I don’t need you, Ian.

She could protect herself from the thoughts of others now.

I don’t need you, Ian.

She’d needed him, however, when her dreams had become dangerous, but it appeared that her mind had found a way to protect her by placing her in the position of the murderer instead of the victim.

Ian smiled to himself. He was the first to be able to get into her dreams—her visions—her nightmares.

He still didn’t understand how he’d known how to get to her, but when he’d realized that she was having one of her nightmares and that she couldn’t breathe, he’d tried to shake her awake, but she’d been too caught up in her nightmare.

Her vision.

Somehow he’d entered her dream and yanked her out, stunned by the horror of what he’d witnessed.

It left him furious to know that she’d been subjected to that kind of vision over and over.

In her last vision, she saw through the murderer’s eyes and felt the evil the murderer felt.

He didn’t know which was worse.

Her abilities continued to grow, and her belief in what she saw was absolute.

But he’d be damned if he’d let her belief in her visions keep him out of her life.

He didn’t turn when the door to his office opened, already knowing that his brother wanted to talk to him. “Where’s Serena?”

“She’s in the guest house painting again.” He eyed the glass Ian raised to his lips. “She’s really shaken.”

Ian sighed and turned. “I know that.”

Alastair raised a brow, clearly furious. “Do you? She’s in the head of that fucking demon, and it’s draining her.”

“Shit.” Ian scraped a hand through his hair and started past his brother. “She needs to cut her loose.”

Alastair caught his arm. “She won’t. She’s taking notes about everything she sees and painting it in the hopes that it’ll help the FBI catch her.”

Ian turned to face his brother. “It’s not worth it. Serena’s a strong woman but sensitive as hell. Too sensitive. What she saw is going to cause a lot of damage. She’s going to see it over and over.”

The thought of it made him sick to his stomach. “She’s going to relive it over and over. She needs to block it. If she won’t, I’ll do it for her.” He eyed his brother. “I’m surprised you haven’t done it.” He took another sip of his drink and shrugged. “You’re a hell of a lot better at it than I am. You seem to have a connection with her that I don’t.”

“Jesus, the two of you are so fucking hardheaded.” Shaking his head, Alastair grimaced. “She needs to do this, Ian. She needs to prove to herself that she can handle her gift. We need to let her. She feels threatened if she doesn’t have control, and when we take that control away from her, it brings back that feeling of helplessness she’s fought so hard to throw off.”

Ian cursed and turned back toward his desk. “So we just sit here and watch her destroy herself? We watch her live through things that are going to give her nightmares for God knows how long?”

Alastair swirled the glass of wine he held, a glass Ian hadn’t noticed. “Yes. The best we can do is help in any way we can to find this killer as soon as possible.” He took a healthy sip of his wine, grimacing as he stared down into his glass. “And to be there to help her deal with the nightmares that are sure to come.”

Night Shadows

(Night 3)

Erotic Contemporary Paranormal Menage a Trois Romance, M/FM, HEA

Serena Abbott’s relationship with Ian and Alastair Wyndham was anything but normal. Her psychic abilities presented a challenge that neither man could ignore. Her abilities grew with her confidence, and the very real threat that she could one day read their minds stood between them. Because of it, she kept a distance between them that frustrated both of them.

While their love and passion for each other continued to grow, her growing and changing abilities had begun to terrify them. Serena had begun to get into the minds of people being murdered and, to Alastair’s and Ian’s horror, when the victims died, Serena started to go with them.

They could protect her from a physical threat, but was afraid that they couldn’t protect her from the visions that threatened to take her from them.

Fearing that she could one day read their minds and change everything, she fought letting them in—something neither one of them could allow.


Leaning against Ian, and with Alastair rubbing her feet that he’d pulled onto his lap, Serena stared at the fire. “You two don’t have to stay up with me.”

Ian pressed his lips to her hair. “There’s no place I’d rather be.”

Lifting her head, she turned to look up at him. “Are you still mad at me?”

Gripping her chin, he ran his thumb over her bottom lip. “I was never mad at you. At times I get frustrated at the situation. But the thought of you married to someone else infuriates me.”

Cupping the back of her head, he urged her to lay her head on his chest again. “We’ll figure it out. You and I need to do some practicing, though.”

Drowsy, but afraid of falling asleep, Serena sat up again. “Aren’t you afraid that I’ll get into that hard head of yours?”

Alastair handed her the glass of brandy he’d poured for her and swirled his own. “I’m sure Ian’s head is filled with the same lecherous thoughts I have of you.”

Ian’s lips twitched. “True. That could make for some very interesting conversations.”

A sudden thought occurred to her. “When he shot me, I heard someone call my name and the barrier slammed down. Which one of you did that?”

Ian slid a fingertip down her body where her robe had slipped, lightly caressing the curve of her breast. “We both did it together. You were crying out and thrashing on the bed. Scared the fuck out of me. Both Alastair and I grabbed you, but you fought us as if it was part of your dream. I turned on the light, and we both kept calling your name, but you didn’t seem to hear either one of us.”

Alastair leaned closer to her, his fingers dancing over her hair. “We couldn’t get to you, and we both panicked.”

Laying a hand on her knee, Ian lightly caressed her. “Since we couldn’t pull you out, we slammed the door.”

Serena smiled. “And shut everything else out for me. I’m impressed. I’m just glad you waited until the end. It gave me the chance to see everything.”

Ian’s lips thinned. “If I’d known what you were dreaming, I would have slammed the fucking thing down sooner.”

Amused at his outrage, Serena laid her hand over his. “No. I need to see.”

Turning his hand, he took hers in his. “You don’t need to see that kind of ugliness. You’ve seen enough of it in your life.”

Touched, she smiled. “I appreciate your concern, but—”

“Fuck that!” Ian took her brandy from her and handed it to Alastair before pulling her back down to recline against him. “It’s more than fucking concern, and I’m not going to let you go through shit like this again.”

With a sigh, Alastair rose. “Here we go again.”

Serena scrambled from Ian’s lap, whirling around to face him. “You’re not going to let me?”

Ian raised a brow and got to his feet, his hands on his hips as he towered over her. “That’s right. I’m not going to let you put yourself through that again.”

“I need to see, damn it! There’s a reason I have this ability—”

Ian raised a brow. “I see you’re no longer calling it a gift.”

Hating the disadvantage of arguing with someone a foot taller, Serena jumped up to stand on the sofa. “I have this gift for a reason, Ian. I see what I’m supposed to see. What I need to see.”

Closing his hands on her waist, Ian steadied her. “You don’t need to see things like that. Christ, it’s worse than watching a horror movie, and you wouldn’t be caught dead watching one of them. Hell, you cry when they show the commercials about abused animals!”

“What kind of person abuses animals?”

Ian smiled. “People who don’t deserve to live. The point is, baby, you have a soft heart, and you don’t need to have the kind of dreams that scare you so much that you don’t want to go back to sleep. You’ve had enough ugliness in your life.”

Serena stomped her foot on the cushion and would have lost her balance if Ian hadn’t tightened his hands on her waist. “I need to see whatever I’m supposed to see. Maybe it would be better if I move out.”

Ian’s eyes narrowed. “I dare you to try.”

“Damn it, Ian!”

Ian gathered her close, turning and lowering them both to the sofa again, settling her on his lap. “I can’t stand to see you this way.”

“You piss me off.”

“Back atcha, baby. Don’t threaten to leave again.”

“It wasn’t a threat.”

Pulling her down to recline against him, Ian tugged her braid. “Careful.”

Alastair handed Serena her brandy and sat at her feet again, pulling them onto his lap. “Serena, neither Ian nor I can allow you to move out. We’d worry about you constantly. We can protect you here, and you know damned well you need us.”

“I’m sick and tired of needing you.” She took a large sip of brandy, coughing at the burn.

Alastair covered her with the soft throw she kept on their designer sofa, lifting a brow as he took her glass. “We need you, too.”

“I still think it might be better if I can get my own place. Maybe an apartment in the city.”

Ian pulled the throw higher and put his arms around her, lacing his fingers together and settling back. “Tying you to the bed is starting to sound better and better.”

Night Intrigue

(Night 2)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, HEA]

Serena Abbott’s life has changed dramatically since becoming Ian and Alastair Wyndham’s lover. Every day is an adventure, especially during their undercover missions. Her psychic abilities, once a burden to her, have now become useful. Proving a man’s guilt sounded exciting and she wasn’t about to be left out! It’s thrilling, and easier than she’d expected—until it almost gets her killed.

It takes both of her men to pull her back from the brink of death, upping the stakes for all of them. Another attempt on her life forces them to reevaluate her participation, but no one expects a man with a gun, bent on revenge, to break into their home.

To keep her safe, they must work together, and trust each other implicitly. One thing is certain: now that she’s found a use for her abilities, Serena isn’t about to let them keep her out. One day, though, the truth may end it all for them…


Holding her waist, Alastair guided her to the dance floor. “Very nice. DuBois loves a challenge and you just waved a red flag in front of him.” Wrapping his arms around her, he pulled her close, his gaze raking over her red dress. “Literally.”

Flattening a hand against his chest, Serena pushed away from him, her face burning. “Stop.”

Frowning down at her, he held her protectively. “What is it, darling?”

“I don’t know how to dance.”

Gripping her hand in his, Alastair frowned as if she’d spoken a foreign language. “What do you mean you don’t know how to dance?”

Feeling silly for just standing on the dance floor, Serena tried to pull him to the side, but she might as well have tried to move a mountain. “I don’t know how I can say it any better. Think about it, Wyn.” She’d barely remembered to call him by the right name, conscious of the number of people who watched them. “Where the hell would I have learned how to dance?”

Grateful when he led her to a private corner, she laid her hands on his chest and looked up at him. “You know that I lived alone and didn’t go around other people because I couldn’t protect myself from being bombarded with their thoughts. Touching them only made it more intense. Besides, I was a freak and had no friends.”

Sliding a hand over her hair, he pulled her closer, raising the hand he held to his lips. “And yet you weren’t a virgin. But you were innocent. What was the other man who took you thinking about when he took you?”

“That he’d won the bet. Can we talk about something else?”

Grinning, he bent to touch his lips to her temple. “Like the fact that you’re dancing? Beautifully, too.”

Serena stumbled, only to be caught against him, his hands warm on her back as he steadied her. Swallowing a sob, she leaned back to look up at him, smiling tremulously when he moved again. They swayed together as if they were making love, her body following his lead without her even thinking about it. “We’re dancing together.”

Her vision blurred when tears filled her eyes, her stomach fluttering at the surge of love for him.

Gathering her closer, he chuckled and bent to kiss her ear. “Darling, you’re touched by the most incredible things. Not even a ruby and diamond necklace got this reaction. I haven’t seen you cry like this since we realized that I could shield you from all those voices.” He hugged her again. “You’re absolutely adorable.” Straightening, he let his gaze lower to her breasts. “Adorable and sexy—a deadly combination. You’d eat DuBois alive before he even realized it.”

Running her fingers over his lapel, she snuggled closer, their bodies moving as if they’d been dancing together for years. Intrigued by his mysterious smile, she looked around to see what he found so amusing. Seeing nothing, she realized that he must have been communicating with Ian. “You’re doing a lot of smiling for no reason, or is someone giving you a reason?”

She found it ironic that she could read the mind of everyone around her, but the mental voices of the two most important people in her life remained silent—unless they wanted her to hear them.

The telepathy between them astounded her. It was so strong that they could even feel what the other felt.

Alastair grinned, leaning close and touching his lips to her ear. “Apparently, it’s hard to concentrate on breaking into a place and a safe with an erection. He also had a few choice words about DuBois, who, by the way, is making his way over here, probably to do his best to take you away from me.”

“You don’t sound too worried.”

Alastair smiled. “You would never be taken in by a man like him.” A tawny brow went up. “Do you really think I would allow anyone to take you from me?”

“You’re too cocky.”

His slow smile sent a rush of heat through her, her body still humming from their recent lovemaking. “Thank you, darling. You seem to have adjusted to it quite nicely.”

Laughter bubbled out before she could prevent it, and gulping more back, she avoided looking at his face, staring at his shirtfront instead. “Jerk. You’re not supposed to make me laugh. We’re supposed to look like we’re fighting, aren’t we?”

Alastair’s features turned to stone, his eyes taking on a hard glint, signs that Jean Paul DuBois was close. “I don’t care. You’re mine, and I sure as hell don’t want you talking to other men. When we get home, I’m burning that dress.”

A hand touched her shoulder, sending a shiver of revulsion through her. “Excuse me. May I cut in?”

Turning her in his arms, Alastair presented DuBois with his back. “No. Get lost.”

DuBois moved to her side and smiled, his blue eyes twinkling with amusement. “Afraid that one dance with me will make her forget all about you?” Turning to her, he looked her up and down, making her skin crawl, but at least she knew she had his attention.

Alastair’s confident smile flashed. “She’ll never forget me.”

Serena smiled inwardly. Truer words had never been spoken.

Pulling out of Alastair’s arms, she lifted her chin, adopting the cool disinterest she’d used to keep others away her entire life. “I’m going to the ladies room, or do you have a problem with that as well?”

With a glare at both of them, she turned and walked away, enjoying herself immensely.

Night Rogues

(Night 1)

Unable to control the psychic abilities, Serena Abbott spent her life alone.

Her visions always came true, as did the dreams that plagued her sleep.

She would soon meet the man who would be her lover.

Ian and Alastair Wyndham lived dual lives as both millionaire playboys and freelance agents, who didn’t always find it necessary to play by the rules to bring justice to those who attempted to live their lives above the law.

Meeting Serena, a woman who saw and knew too much, changed everything, putting their livelihood, and their lives, in danger.

Taking her prisoner was easy.

Fighting their attraction to her proved to be considerably more difficult.

Keeping her safe would be even harder, especially when their current target wanted to use Serena’s abilities to his own advantage.

Together, the three of them find a connection they’d never expected, and a love they’d never known.


Serena glared at him. “Unbelievable. You make fun of me and then want to use me. You’re no different from him.” She started to get to her feet, but Alastair grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving. She gasped and pulled away, rubbing her arm, and Ian couldn’t help but notice that her nipples poked against the front of her shirt. “I told you not to touch me.”

Ian smiled coldly. “And I told you to sit down. Can we continue?”

Plopping back in her seat, she crossed her arms over her chest again and said nothing, the frustration in her eyes apparent.

Unfazed, Ian sat back and took another sip of coffee, not bothering to hide his amusement at her belligerent pose.

Her arousal left her shaken, giving him the upper hand, and he needed to take advantage of it while he could.

Trying not to think about how soft and hot her pussy would be clenching on his cock, Ian pushed his coffee cup aside. “Carello will be nervous that you’re staying with us. Nervous people make mistakes. In the meantime, maybe we can use your gift to learn more about him and see if we can set a trap for him. You help us, and we’ll help you.”

The thought of helping her with her arousal made his cock jump.

Serena snorted and glared at him. “According to you, that’s the same offer he was going to make.” She shot to her feet and hurriedly moved to the sink, obviously surprised that neither one of them had made a move to stop her. “Look, I’m going home. I don’t want anything to do with any of this. I should never have left home to begin with. I thought after that dream I had that I was supposed to be here, but I can see that it was a mistake.”

Ian smiled coldly. “One of these days I’m going to find out more about this dream you keep talking about. But, for now, let me ask you something. Do you really think going home is going to change anything? He’ll come after you, and so will we. No, it’s better to stay here where we can see him coming. And we don’t want to use you. In return for your help, we’ll do our best to help you deal with your psychic abilities.”

Serena smiled, her tone laced with sarcasm. “Really? What the hell do you know about psychic abilities? I’ve lived with it all my life and can’t handle it.”

Alastair smiled and leaned forward. “We’ve lived with it all our lives and can handle it.”

The stunned look on her face almost had Ian laughing out loud, but he figured it would only piss her off, so he smothered his laugh. He didn’t fear her temper, but had more important issues to deal with until they talked her into staying.

Alastair shot him a look of amusement, hiding his own laughter, and reached for her hand again. “Ian and I can transmit our thoughts to each other. We’ve always been able to. We’ve learned how to tune in when we need to, and tune out when we don’t. I think we can teach you to do it. I think you could do it if you try. You’ve kept yourself away from others for so long that you haven’t even had a chance to learn how to do it yourself.”

Pulling her hand from his, she looked away, carefully folding her napkin, only to unfold it again before setting it aside and taking a sip of her tea. She kept her eyes downcast, apparently deep in thought.

Ian shot Alastair a look when he opened his mouth to speak. Wait her out.

At his brother’s faint nod, he looked back at Serena again, waiting impatiently for her answer. She really didn’t have much of a choice, not if she wanted to live, but it seemed the idea of learning how to rein in her powers intrigued her the most.

Finally she looked up, her eyes a stormy violet now instead of clear blue. “For how long?”

Ian shrugged, adjusting the front of his pants where his cock pressed insistently against his zipper. “Until we get Carello. Once he’s in jail, and we’re sure there’s no threat to you, you can go.”

He lied with no hesitation, not planning to let her go until he was damned good and ready, which he had a feeling would be a very long time.

She started playing with her napkin again. “Okay, I’ll stay for a little while and see how it goes, but if you start trying to make me do something I’m not comfortable with or if you don’t keep up your end of the bargain, I’m leaving.”