Submission to Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma 7)

Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, whipping, sex toys, HEA

Brenna Nelson roars into Desire, Oklahoma, for the express purpose of giving the owners of Club Desire a piece of her mind.

She’s suffered pain, fear, and even the loss of her job at the hands of one of their trainees, and she places the blame directly on their shoulders.

Trust doesn’t come easy for her, but their concern for her, and outrage at what their club member has done to her, eases some of her fears.

Before she knows it, Royce Harley and King Taylor ensconce her on their floor at the club and she’s signed a contract to become a submissive at their hands for a month and then to be auctioned to live out her wildest fantasies.

The sexual journey Royce and King take her on, though, proves more powerful than she anticipated, and proves to her that she is right where she belongs.


Lifting her chin higher, she swallowed heavily at the flash of something dark and dangerous in his eyes, reluctantly drawn to the underlying gleam of male interest.

“You’re one of the owners?” Inwardly cursing the hesitancy in her voice, she forced herself to face him squarely. The steadiness of his gaze made her decidedly uncomfortable, the threat in his eyes unmistakably sexual. “I just told you I am. I dislike repeating myself. What’s your name, Red?”

She didn’t know why his nickname warmed her, or why when he said it in that deep, slow rumble, she wanted to crawl up his body and feast on him. Resisting the urge to look away, she frowned up at him.

“My name’s Brenna Nelson. Don’t call me Red.”

“Well, Brenna Nelson, you want to tell me what’s got your panties in a bunch?”

His words and that superior look of his had the fury rushing back. Bracing her feet, she fisted her hands on her hips and glared up at him, wishing she’d worn higher heels.

“My panties in a bunch? My panties in a bunch? You Neanderthal! You run a club that teaches men how to abuse women and then let them loose on the rest of the world. I get stalked, attacked, and have to file police reports to deal with one of your students, and you want to know why my panties are in a bunch?”

His expression hardened with each word, changing dramatically by the time she finished. With a huge arm, he gestured toward an open door off the hall.

“Come in and tell me what you’re talking about. Right now.” Gripping her upper arm in an unbreakable hold, a hold that sent even more violent need racing through her, he led her down the hallway.

Chagrined at the rush of moisture that dampened her panties even more, she tried to keep up with his long stride. The concern in his eyes touched her, warming something inside her that made her want him even more. Clenching her jaw, she hardened her tone, not about to show any sign of weakness.

“Your sheriff caught him and I had to go identify him as the man who’s been harassing me.”

King surprised her by nodding. “Eugene Donner. And you couldn’t leave town without telling us what you thought about us. I can understand that. Come in.”

Not about to let his tenderness get to her, or let the sympathy in his eyes take the wind out of her sails, Brenna crossed her arms over her chest and pulled away from him. Shaken and disappointed that he’d done nothing about Donner, she didn’t even attempt to hide her scorn.

“You knew about this guy? You knew he was harassing me and you didn’t do anything about it? You know, you’re even sleazier than I thought. At least other Doms are out there who know how to treat a woman!”

Something flashed in his eyes, something that looked suspiciously like jealousy. Wrapping a huge hand around her upper arm, he half dragged her the rest of the way down the hallway.

“What the hell do you know about Doms? Do you have one?” Lifting a finger when she opened her mouth to tell him that it was none of his business, he shook his head and pulled her into a room off of the hallway, slamming the door behind him.

“Okay, spill it. Tell me everything right now. Do you belong to someone? Who is it and where can I find him?” Trying to hide the leap of excitement at his anger and the intent to possess her glittering in his ever-changing eyes, now darkened to greenish blue, Brenna lifted her chin and glared at him.

“Listen, buddy, my life is none of your business. I just came here to tell you I think you’re slime. Who the hell do you think you are, telling men it’s all right to abuse women-teaching them how to do it for God’s sake-and then letting them loose? It might be okay for you in your dinky town here…”

She paused when he raised a brow at that and opened his mouth to speak, but she ruthlessly cut him off.

“No. Don’t try to make excuses for yourself. Do you know what that man has been doing to me for the last year? He got this idea from you and all the other assholes here, that he was God’s gift to women. He figured that he could rape a woman and it was okay if he could make her come. He thinks no means yes. He’s been following me and bothered me so much at work that I ended up getting fired. He broke into my car, my apartment, and my locker at the gym. He called me day and night no matter how many times I changed my number. I called the police over and over and this bastard still managed to ruin my life!”

“Did he hurt you? Did he rape you?”

Taken aback by the underlying rage in his cold voice, Brenna blinked and stood frozen, held in a gaze so mesmerizing, it took several heart-stopping moments before she could answer.