Recipe for Desire: The Perfect Mixture

(More Desire, Oklahoma 11)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, BDSM, Romantic Suspense, MFM, HEA

Emma Ross married Dominants, two men who insisted on control, two men with rage inside, but she’d seen the tenderness beneath. She loves her husbands and has a wonderful life with them and their infant son. Now that she’s recovered from giving birth, she yearns for the passion of the past, but they continue to thwart her efforts to indulge in their playroom.

To make the situation worse, a woman who used to be their submissive wants them back, and she’ll do anything to get them. Charlene tried to kill Emma in the past, and this time, she’s determined to get Hunter and Remington back.

Doubts build, and Charlene’s involvement creates a distance between Emma and her husbands that has never been there before. Emma wants nothing more than to get on with their lives so she can indulge in both the dark hungers and loving tenderness of the two men she loves. But first she has to deal with Charlene.


With a sigh, Hunter rose to refill his coffee mug. “Baby, you don’t have any reason to be jealous. You know damned well that you’re the love of my life.”

“Our lives.” Remington smiled and ran a hand down her back as he dropped onto the stool next to her again. “Hunter told me about it, baby. He was going to tell you when you came home, but you were in a bad mood and he figured it would be better to find out what was wrong first. Nobody was going to keep something like that from you.”

Hunter turned from the counter and, seeing that Marcus had finished with the teething biscuit and getting fussy, started to clean him up. “Anyway, I doubt if I see her again. She said she wanted to apologize and that it would help her with her therapy. I’d rather just forget the whole thing. She’s not a part of our lives.”

“She had a hand on your chest. You were holding her arms.”

Hunter finished cleaning up and removed the tray to take Marcus out of the highchair. “She laid her hand on my chest, and I pushed her away. Don’t you trust me?”

She held out her arms for the baby, snuggling him close while Hunter prepared his bottle. “Did she kiss you?”

“Oh, Christ, Emma.” He scraped a hand through his hair. “She kissed me on the cheek, hence me gripping her arms to push her away. Please don’t make a big deal out of this. I wanted to punch her in the face for what she’d done to you, but I’m not violent toward women.”

He smiled and tested the warmth of the bottle. “You taught me that I never could be.”

“Did you kiss her?”

“Of course not! Hell. The only reason I didn’t boot her out on her ass was because she said she was getting help. I didn’t want to do anything to sabotage that. I just wanted her to get the hell out of there so I could lock up and get home to you.”

Emma nodded, believing him.

Taking the bottle, she started to feed her son, glancing at both men. “She confronted me.”

Remington’s gaze sharpened. “What? When? Where?”

Hunter slammed his coffee mug onto the island, his expression hard. “Son of a bitch!”

Remington took a steadying breath and let it out slowly. “When did this happen?”

“Tonight, when I left the restaurant. She confronted me in the parking lot.”

With a sigh, Hunter picked up his coffee again, trying to appear nonchalant, while inside his blood boiled. “She probably just wanted to apologize to you. I’m sorry. I should have anticipated that, but it surprises me that she did it so quickly.”

Remington nodded and glanced at Hunter. “You said she was in contact with the club. She was probably on her way there and saw Emma coming out of the restaurant. Probably wanted to finish with the apologies.” He smiled at Emma. “Is that what she did? Apologize to you?”

Lifting a brow, Emma gave Remington a look that usually meant trouble. “That’s what she said. She’d blocked my car in. I told her I didn’t want her apology. She tried to kill me. I told her to get the fuck out of my way and move the car before I moved it for her. Then she told me she wished she’d killed me when she had the chance.”

Remington frowned and ran a hand over her shoulder. “Baby, are you sure she wasn’t just trying to apologize to you?”

Hunter leaned toward her. “Maybe you misunderstood because you’re already afraid of her. I don’t want you to be afraid of her. If I thought she had any plans to do you any harm, I’d take care of it.”

Hurt, she sent Hunter a dirty look and rose to take Marcus to the nursery. “So you go ahead and accept her apology. I won’t.”

Coming around the counter, Hunter gripped her shoulder. “Baby, I’m sorry if she scared you. I’ll make sure she doesn’t bother you again.”

“She didn’t scare me. She pissed me off. The next time she comes anywhere near me, I’m gonna hurt her.”

She turned at the doorway. “And if either one of you decide to go see her at the club, you can pack your bags.”

“What the fuck?”

Shaken, more than she cared to admit, Emma left the two of them alone in the kitchen and went back to the nursery.

Hunter and Remington had a soft spot for women, like most of the other men who lived in Desire.

It appeared that softness extended to wanting to believe that the woman who’d attacked her now felt sorry for it and was getting help.

But Emma had seen the truth in the other woman’s eyes.

She’d heard the evil.

She’d heard it in Charlene’s voice.

Now, she just had to figure out what to do about it.