Creation of Desire: Reassuring Rachel

(More Desire, Oklahoma 3)

Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA

Running a business and caring for a sick baby didn’t leave Rachel Jackson much time or energy for her beloved husbands, a fact that hit her hard when she learned that her husbands’ ex-lover had been calling them for days, and neither Boone nor Chase had told her.

She believed them when they told her that they’d kept it from her to protect her, but their deception hurt her and shook her confidence.

How could she hope to compete with such a beautiful and sophisticated woman—a woman who’d had the ability to hurt them deeply?

Mona’s appearance brought back the insecurities Rachel had spent months struggling to hide—the fear that Boone and Chase had only married her because she carried their child.

While trying to reassure Rachel that Mona meant nothing to them, they dismissed their ex-girlfriend’s persistence as a nuisance, underestimating her determination to get them back.

It was a mistake they regretted, one that almost cost Rachel her life.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Despite her exhaustion, Rachel smiled at the rush of heat his devilish smile sent through her. They hadn’t made love in days, and she missed it, but she was so tired that every time she closed her eyes, she fell asleep. She didn’t have the energy to make love anymore and it scared her. “Thank you. I won’t be long. I want to finish my coffee first, though. I need all the caffeine I can get today.”

“I know. You’re going to drink it all day and make yourself sick.” Rubbing Theresa’s back, he rocked back and forth, lowering his voice to a whisper. “Something tells me our chat is going to be a little one-sided, but I’ll get her dressed and change her diaper again while we have a nice long conversation.”

Watching him go, Rachel sighed and finished her coffee, listening to the sound of Chase’s low voice as he disappeared down the hall. She could still hear the shower running, and hurried to join her other husband, Boone, before he got out. Hoping the shower would help her wake up a little more, she smiled at the thought of running her hands over Boone while he was naked and wet. He’d gone without sex for more than a week, and it had to be frustrating for him.

She started out of the room, pausing at the sound of a cell phone ringing.

With a curse, she followed the sound to Boone’s cell phone on the counter. The knowledge that he and Chase used their cell phones for their construction business had her grabbing the pen and paper they kept on the counter before answering.



Rachel stiffened at the husky feminine voice, alarm bells going off in her head. It wasn’t unusual for women to hire them, but something about this one set her teeth on edge. “Yes, can I help you?”

After a brief pause, the woman blew out a breath. “Put Boone on.” The demand in the sultry voice had a surge of adrenaline rushing through Rachel’s veins.

“He’s busy.” Gritting her teeth, she forced a cool politeness into her tone. “May I take a message?” When she caught herself trying to smooth her hair and straightening her stained nightgown, she inwardly cursed at her own insecurity.

“Oh. He’s probably still in the shower. I thought he’d be showered and dressed by now.” The other woman laughed softly. “He’s magnificent in the shower, isn’t he? They both are. If Boone’s busy, let me talk to Chase. God, he’s so playful and inventive in bed, isn’t he?”

Finding it suddenly difficult to breathe, Rachel pressed a hand to her stomach, struggling to keep her coffee down. “Who is this?”

Dizzy, she clung to the counter.

It had happened to her mother, and Rachel had sworn to herself that she’d never let it happen to her.

“I’m Mona. I’m sure you’ve heard of me.” Her voice dropped, the challenge in it unmistakable. “Boone’s and Chase’s lover.”

Rachel’s hand tightened on the phone, bile rising in her throat as she recognized the name from their past. “I believe you mean ex-lover.”

Even though she told herself that this woman had to be lying about being their lover, her knees shook, the fear of losing Boone and Chase so intense, it actually made her stomach hurt.

Mona’s twinkling laugh grated on her nerves and made the pain spread. “I can see they haven’t told you that we’ve…renewed our acquaintance. Hmm, interesting. Well, I’m sure they’ll tell you when they’re ready. When I talked to Boone last night, he told me that it was a bad time to talk and to call him this morning. I’m sure he’ll call me as soon as he can.”

Gritting her teeth again, Rachel glanced toward the doorway. She would have liked to believe that neither Boone nor Chase would ever cheat on her, but they’d had a relationship with this woman in the past—something Rachel knew she would be stupid to ignore. “I’ll be sure to tell him you called.”

She definitely would.

Later—when she wasn’t so damned tired, and when she figured out just what to say.

Mona sighed. “I really do feel sorry for you, you know. Boone, Chase and I are so good together.” Mona’s voice lowered and took on an edge that sent another chill through Rachel. “Don’t try to get in the way. You played it real good—getting pregnant and forcing them to marry you—but you had to know it wouldn’t be enough to keep them.”

Rachel gripped the counter tighter. “Good-bye, Mona.” Disconnecting, she cursed and started to toss the phone onto the counter, pausing at the last second. Lifting the phone again, she quietly went to the doorway and listened to see what Chase and Boone were doing.

Mona had gotten to her, and she was already spying on her husbands.

Chase still spoke to Theresa from the nursery. “Yes. You’re Daddy’s little girl and when you’re older, and those boys come sniffing around you, Daddy’s going to scare them all off. Yes, he is. You think that’s funny, do you?”

Smiling at his sing-song tone, she blinked back tears, hoping that he would still be around when Theresa was old enough to date.

Tuning him out, she listened for Boone, jolting when she realized that she could no longer hear the shower running. Her heart raced at the sound of drawers opening and closing in the master bedroom, and she knew she didn’t have much time.

Calling herself all kinds of a fool, and cursing Mona’s small victory, she searched through Boone’s phone for incoming calls, her heart lurching when she saw that Mona had called several times over the last several days.

Neither Boone nor Chase had said a word about it.