Desire Unleashed: A Bond Strengthened

(More Desire, Oklahoma 9)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM, MFM, HEA

Nat Langley had been in love with both of her husbands, Jake Langley and Hoyt Campbell for most of her adult life.

But life had separated Hoyt from their lives.

When Hoyt retired from the Navy and became part of her relationship with Jake, she’d been ecstatic.

But years of being apart and the jealousy and tension between Jake and Hoyt threatened everything.

Too worried about ruffling feathers, Hoyt remained in the background, always watchful, and with the full knowledge that Jake and Nat had built a life together that didn’t include him.

In the back of Jake’s mind was the constant reminder that Hoyt and Nat had been together first.

But when Jake got shot, Hoyt stepped into his new position with both relief and satisfaction.

When Nat had to be rushed to the hospital, worry for Nat bound them like never before, forging an unbreakable bond that gave all three of them the peace they desperately needed.


She took a steadying breath, looking from one to the other, dread chilling her.

Stiffening even more, she didn’t lean into Hoyt and met Jake’s gaze. “Which one of you is leaving me?”

Jake set his silverware aside and reached for his wineglass, his eyes narrowed. “Would you please tell me what I’ve ever said or done to make you think I’d ever let you go?”

He took a sip of his wine and leaned toward her, his dark eyes glittering with intent. “You’re mine, Natalie. I thought I’d made that perfectly clear a long time ago.”

Hoyt gripped her chin, turning her to face him. “And I spent far too long missing you and realizing that you’re the only woman I’ll ever love. Now that I’m in your life again, I’m never leaving. I missed far too much already.”

He glanced at Jake. “It seems you were right. She is upset.”

Jumping from Hoyt’s lap, Nat picked up her wineglass and gulped the contents down. “Then what’s going on?”

She grabbed the bottle and refilled her glass almost to the rim. “The tension in this house could be cut with a knife. I know I’ve been working more to get these new scents done, but—”

Jake waved his hand dismissively, took the bottle from her, and refilled his own glass. “This has nothing to do with that. I know how much you enjoy being there with Jesse and how being a partner in the business fulfills you. I would never hold that against you. You spent a lot of time home alone with Joe when I opened the jewelry store and got it running.”

He sat back again, raising a brow. “Did you think I’d forgotten that?”

Nat gulped more wine. “Then what’s going on?”

With a gasp, she set her glass down. “Is someone sick?”

Hoyt shook his head with a smile. “No, baby. While you’ve been spending so much time at the store, Jake and I have had time to talk.”

Nat picked up her glass again and took another sip. “While I’m not around? This can’t be good.”

She took another sip. “Okay. What have you two been talking about?”

Hoyt got up and went to the refrigerator for another beer. “Although Jake and I make love to you together and separately, I haven’t taken part in your activities in the playroom.”

He opened his beer and tossed the cap into the garbage can. “That was Jake’s thing with you, and I didn’t want to interfere in that. Jake hasn’t wanted to dominate you in front of me because he thought it would make me uncomfortable and he thought it would embarrass you.”

Jake held out his hand, raising a brow when she hesitated. “But you don’t embarrass easily, do you, love? After all, both of us know every inch of you.”

Hoyt sipped his beer, his gaze steady on hers. “I didn’t want to rock the boat. I already appreciated how hard it was for Jake to agree to share you with me. It had to be one of the hardest things he’d ever done.”

Nat met Jake’s gaze with a nod, his love for her glittering in his dark eyes. “I know. I fought it because I was terrified it would change things.”

With a rueful smile, she dropped into her seat again, staring into her wine. “It seems that most of my fears revolve around the two of you. It’s too important to mess up. I don’t know what I’d do if—”

Jake rose with a speed that she’d grown to know and respect over the years, gripping her wineglass and setting it aside before pulling her to her feet. “Nothing’s messed up, and I don’t want you thinking like that. Hoyt and I think we just need a little adjustment.”

He sat again, settling her on his lap. “And we wanted to run it by you tonight.”

Intrigued and a little nervous, Nat reached for her wine. “What kind of adjustment?”

He kissed her lightly and patted her hip. “Finish your dinner and we’ll talk.” He raised a brow when she hesitated. “Or do you need me to feed you?”

“Allow me.” Hoyt straightened from where he leaned against the refrigerator and reached for her plate.

Nat jumped from Jake’s lap and grabbed her plate, both unnerved and excited about the turn of events. “I can feed myself. I just want to know what the hell all of this means.”

She plopped into her chair, set her plate on the table, and reached for her wine glass. “What’s going to change?”

Hoyt took his own seat again and cut into his steak. “I don’t have Jake’s experience with dominating, but I want to be a part of it.”

Without eating the bite of steak he’d cut, Hoyt set his silverware onto his plate again. “You and I have shared a lot of loving, as well as a lot of passion. But I’m missing a part of you. If you agree, I’d like to be a part of that aspect of your passion. I want to see it. I want to be involved, with Jake always there, of course.”

Nat played with the stem of her wine glass, trying to imagine how the playroom would be with Hoyt watching. “I can understand that.”

She lifted her gaze to Jake’s. “Why would you want that?”

Jake shrugged and reached for a biscuit. “Because I wanted you to be happy. I want to end this tension. I’ve always valued my friendship with Hoyt, and having him back in our lives has made that friendship even better. I want him to see you in that setting and understand why this is so important to both of us.”