Flames of Desire: Courtney’s Loving Dominants

(More Desire, Oklahoma 10)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM, MFM, HEA

Courtney Tyler knew her husbands loved her, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they would have been happier with someone more sophisticated.

But it was Rhonda, Law and Zach’s executive assistant, that threatened her marriage and security.

Rhonda’s possessiveness toward Law and Zach and her thinly veiled comments made Courtney bristle, but Law and Zach considered them Rhonda’s way of being helpful.

Surprised to learn of her pregnancy, Courtney was even more surprised to learn that Law and Zach had begun to make changes that would eliminate their need to go to Dallas and stay closer to home.

When Rhonda found out about the changes, she raged at Courtney, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs.

Terrified for Courtney and their baby, Law and Zach suddenly realized the truth and what could have happened to her and the baby because they hadn’t seen it earlier.

Family was everything and none of them would chance losing it again.


Courtney Tyler finished paying for her order, slipping her credit card back into her purse before turning to meet her chauffeur and bodyguard’s cool, watchful gaze. “I’m sorry, Thomas. That took a little longer than I thought it would.”

Thomas’s expression never changed. “My job is to drive you where you want to go and protect you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.”

Slipping her purse over her shoulder, Courtney started for the door. “Tell me, Thomas. What do you do when I’m not in Dallas?”

“I work in the main office and see to the Tylers’ security.”

She looked up at him as they walked outside. “Which job do you like better?”

Scanning their surroundings, he opened the car door for her. “I find both fulfilling. Get in, please.”

Courtney mentally shrugged and got inside the too-expensive car her husbands had bought for the purpose of Thomas driving her around.

Realizing that she’d be late for lunch with her husbands, she pulled out her cell phone and called their office phone so she could speak to both of them.

Law answered on the second ring. “Hello, darling. I put you on speaker so you can talk to Zach, too. I understand that you just finished your shopping. Did you find everything you need?”

Smiling at the fact that when he used that silky tone, a shiver went through her, Courtney leaned back. “And then some. I was calling to tell you I was going to be late, but it sounds like the tattletale you send everywhere with me already told you.”

Zach chuckled. “That’s his job, baby. He’s supposed to protect you.”

“But does he have to tell you everywhere I go?”

“Is there a reason we can’t know where you go?”

Courtney shivered at Law’s cool tone. “Of course not. It’s just a little like having a babysitter.”

And she couldn’t help but wonder if there was a reason they needed to know where she was at all times.

“I feel more comfortable knowing where you are, especially here in Dallas. It’s a big city, and you don’t know your way around.” Law’s voice lowered. “In case you haven’t noticed, our pictures have been in the paper quite a bit lately. We’ve garnered a lot of attention, and I want anyone who has thoughts of hurting or taking you to see that you’re protected at all times. This isn’t negotiable, Courtney.”

Staring down at her engagement ring and wedding band, Courtney turned them on her finger with her thumb. “I know. I’ll be at your office soon.”

She disconnected, dropped the phone back into her purse, and looked out the side window at all the traffic, relieved that she didn’t have to deal with it.

Law was right. She didn’t know the city well enough to be comfortable driving in it.

Although she doubted that anyone would kidnap her for ransom, she also understood their need to protect her.

They’d been raised in a town where people prioritized protecting women and prided themselves on making their women happy.

In Desire, she felt more confident about their relationship.

She fit in well there and had made a lot of friends.

In the town of Desire, she felt as if she belonged.

She felt close to them and, surrounded by others who lived the same way, could relax and enjoy life.

In Dallas, however, she felt awkward and unsophisticated.

And Rhonda Wells, their private secretary, only made her insecurities worse.

Tall, slender, always dressed impeccably, Rhonda always had her hair perfectly coiffed in a complicated updo.

She always had an air of confidence that surrounded her like the cloud of her designer perfume.

Courtney always felt unsophisticated and plain next to the other woman and had to admit, if just to herself, that she was more than a little jealous at the way Law and Zach depended on the other woman.

And the way Rhonda looked at them.

Irritated at herself for being jealous when her husbands continuously showed her how much they loved her, and feeling like a fool, she promised herself that she wouldn’t let the other woman get to her.

After all, what could she do?

Once in the private parking garage, Courtney got out of the back seat without waiting for Thomas to open the door for her and headed for the elevator.

Thomas stepped in beside her and entered the code that would take them to Law and Zach’s office.

When the elevator door opened, it was to the elegantly appointed outer reception area where Rhonda sat.

Rhonda’s high heels clicked on the marble floor as she rounded the desk, her forced smile grating on Courtney’s nerves. “Hello, Mrs. Tyler.”

Rhonda’s smile stiffened as her gaze slid to Thomas. “Thomas. You’re late. The Tylers have a full afternoon and dislike being kept waiting.”

Courtney blinked. “I don’t know why you would blame Thomas. It’s my fault we’re late.”

Rhonda turned her attention back to Courtney. “Your lunch will have to be cut short in order to accommodate their busy schedule. I hope you understand.”

Not liking the way Rhonda spoke for her husbands, Courtney smiled coldly, wishing she’d dressed in something nicer than the jeans and sneakers she wore. “Oh, I understand completely. I wonder how much my husbands will appreciate that you speak for them.”

“That’s my job. Besides, I’m just reminding you that your husbands are very busy men.”

Irritated that their secretary always made her feel like a country bumpkin, and not missing the emphasis the other woman put on the word husbands, Courtney headed for their office door. “Yes, they are, so I should get in there.”