Night Rogues

(Night 1)

Unable to control the psychic abilities, Serena Abbott spent her life alone.

Her visions always came true, as did the dreams that plagued her sleep.

She would soon meet the man who would be her lover.

Ian and Alastair Wyndham lived dual lives as both millionaire playboys and freelance agents, who didn’t always find it necessary to play by the rules to bring justice to those who attempted to live their lives above the law.

Meeting Serena, a woman who saw and knew too much, changed everything, putting their livelihood, and their lives, in danger.

Taking her prisoner was easy.

Fighting their attraction to her proved to be considerably more difficult.

Keeping her safe would be even harder, especially when their current target wanted to use Serena’s abilities to his own advantage.

Together, the three of them find a connection they’d never expected, and a love they’d never known.


Serena glared at him. “Unbelievable. You make fun of me and then want to use me. You’re no different from him.” She started to get to her feet, but Alastair grabbed her arm to keep her from leaving. She gasped and pulled away, rubbing her arm, and Ian couldn’t help but notice that her nipples poked against the front of her shirt. “I told you not to touch me.”

Ian smiled coldly. “And I told you to sit down. Can we continue?”

Plopping back in her seat, she crossed her arms over her chest again and said nothing, the frustration in her eyes apparent.

Unfazed, Ian sat back and took another sip of coffee, not bothering to hide his amusement at her belligerent pose.

Her arousal left her shaken, giving him the upper hand, and he needed to take advantage of it while he could.

Trying not to think about how soft and hot her pussy would be clenching on his cock, Ian pushed his coffee cup aside. “Carello will be nervous that you’re staying with us. Nervous people make mistakes. In the meantime, maybe we can use your gift to learn more about him and see if we can set a trap for him. You help us, and we’ll help you.”

The thought of helping her with her arousal made his cock jump.

Serena snorted and glared at him. “According to you, that’s the same offer he was going to make.” She shot to her feet and hurriedly moved to the sink, obviously surprised that neither one of them had made a move to stop her. “Look, I’m going home. I don’t want anything to do with any of this. I should never have left home to begin with. I thought after that dream I had that I was supposed to be here, but I can see that it was a mistake.”

Ian smiled coldly. “One of these days I’m going to find out more about this dream you keep talking about. But, for now, let me ask you something. Do you really think going home is going to change anything? He’ll come after you, and so will we. No, it’s better to stay here where we can see him coming. And we don’t want to use you. In return for your help, we’ll do our best to help you deal with your psychic abilities.”

Serena smiled, her tone laced with sarcasm. “Really? What the hell do you know about psychic abilities? I’ve lived with it all my life and can’t handle it.”

Alastair smiled and leaned forward. “We’ve lived with it all our lives and can handle it.”

The stunned look on her face almost had Ian laughing out loud, but he figured it would only piss her off, so he smothered his laugh. He didn’t fear her temper, but had more important issues to deal with until they talked her into staying.

Alastair shot him a look of amusement, hiding his own laughter, and reached for her hand again. “Ian and I can transmit our thoughts to each other. We’ve always been able to. We’ve learned how to tune in when we need to, and tune out when we don’t. I think we can teach you to do it. I think you could do it if you try. You’ve kept yourself away from others for so long that you haven’t even had a chance to learn how to do it yourself.”

Pulling her hand from his, she looked away, carefully folding her napkin, only to unfold it again before setting it aside and taking a sip of her tea. She kept her eyes downcast, apparently deep in thought.

Ian shot Alastair a look when he opened his mouth to speak. Wait her out.

At his brother’s faint nod, he looked back at Serena again, waiting impatiently for her answer. She really didn’t have much of a choice, not if she wanted to live, but it seemed the idea of learning how to rein in her powers intrigued her the most.

Finally she looked up, her eyes a stormy violet now instead of clear blue. “For how long?”

Ian shrugged, adjusting the front of his pants where his cock pressed insistently against his zipper. “Until we get Carello. Once he’s in jail, and we’re sure there’s no threat to you, you can go.”

He lied with no hesitation, not planning to let her go until he was damned good and ready, which he had a feeling would be a very long time.

She started playing with her napkin again. “Okay, I’ll stay for a little while and see how it goes, but if you start trying to make me do something I’m not comfortable with or if you don’t keep up your end of the bargain, I’m leaving.”