Recipe for Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma 11)

Hunter and Remington Ross knew they were too much like their father to ever have a woman in their lives. But rushing to the aid of a woman they found on the side of the road—a woman who desperately needed medical attention—their protective instincts came alive with a vengeance. Uneasy at their possessiveness of her, they keep her close enough to watch over, but not close enough to tempt them. Finding themselves in love terrified them, but keeping their distance proves impossible.

Emma Smith loves them and wants every part of them, even the dominant nature they tried to shield her from. In their arms, she finds everything she’d ever dreamed of—and more. Convincing them that they could be together would take patience, but she didn’t suspect that it would take an attempt on her life to show them that they are nothing like their father at all and can have the life they yearned for.


Sitting on the porch of the house he shared with his brother, Hunter glanced at Jake. “Can we get past the small talk to the point of your visit?”

Grinning, Jake leaned back. “Nat wanted to come see Emma, and we thought we’d come along for the ride. We haven’t had the chance to talk to you in a while.”

“Bullshit.” Hunter fought the urge to look toward the house again. “We sat at the club and talked just last week.” Irritated at Jake’s smug smile, Hunter glanced at Hoyt. “What the hell’s going on?”

Hoyt shrugged, his eyes always sharp and moving. “A lot of people—men—in town are asking about Emma. They want to know if you’ve claimed her. Nobody wants to tangle with either one of you, especially if there’s a chance—”

“No.” Hunter rose and purposely turned his back to the main house. “We haven’t claimed her, and there’s not a chance of that happening. We’re just watching over her until the doctor releases her. She won’t be in Desire more than a few months. We’re letting her stay in the main house because she needs a kitchen while she’s here to work on her recipes.”

Jake brushed a piece of lint from his trousers. “I can find a place in town for her to stay.”

“No need.” Hunter turned to glance at the house, surprised to see Emma standing at the window.

“There’s no reason she can’t stay here. The house is just sitting empty.”

She just stood there, staring at him as if willing him to come inside.

With her arms wrapped around herself, she looked so sad. So lonely.

Hoyt rose and looked toward the house. “Everyone just wants to make sure you don’t have any claim on her. A lot of people want to meet her.”

Inwardly cursing for allowing himself to be drawn to her, Hunter turned away again. “She needs rest.”

Chuckling, Jake rose to his feet. “Everyone knows what she’s been through, Hunter. They’re not going to attack her. I’ll tell everyone that Emma’s available. It’ll be up to her to decide whom she wants to see.”

Hunter gritted his teeth. “Do whatever the hell you want, but if anybody bothers her, I’m gonna kick their ass.”