Creation of Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma 3)

Boone and Chase Jackson have managed to avoid Rachel Robinson for months, although it wasn’t easy. She’s a forever kind of woman and they’ve been burned too badly in the past to ever want a commitment again.

When Rachel gives up on them, though, they’re not happy. Seeing that other men have decided to move on her, they give her a night she’ll never forget. But they all get more than they bargained for when Rachel discovers she’s pregnant. The men are quick to throw off their fears and make her their own.

But she doesn’t believe them. Deciding their desire to commit is only for the baby’s sake, Rachel refuses to believe that it’s her they want. But the passion between the three of them is hotter than ever.

When the pregnancy is in danger, can she and her lovers still have a future?


“Those hard little nipples look and taste like little raspberries.” His voice dropped lower and he bit her earlobe as his hand trailed down her body to cover her mound. “I’ll bet I know where I can find some sweet honey.” He cupped her head as he slid his fingers between her legs. “Are you wet, baby? Is that honey flowing?”

“Yes, damn you. Don’t do this now.” She tried to push away, but the rock hard wall she pressed against didn’t so much as budge. “Anybody could walk in,” she protested weakly as his fingers pressed harder.

“Chase is watching, baby.” He turned her toward the counter, his breath hot on her ear. “Bend over the counter. I want my mouth on you.”

“Boone,” she protested weakly. Chase stood across the counter and leaned down to kiss her. His mouth moved hungrily on hers while Boone knelt behind her and lifted her dress. The sound of her panties being ripped off sounded loud in her ears.

“Damn it,” she groaned when Chase lifted his head. “Stop ripping all my panties.”

Chase bit her lip playfully as his hands covered her breasts. “Then stop wearing them.” He grinned.

She felt her bottom cheeks being parted and jerked in surprise. When she tried to straighten, Chase let go of her breasts to grip her upper arms, effectively holding her in place as Boone nipped her bottom cheek.

“Oh God,” she whimpered.

“What’s Boone doing to you, sugar?”

“He’s, he’s, oohhh.” Rachel gripped Chase’s arms tightly.

“What’s Boone doing, Rachel?” Chase reached over to pinch a nipple. “Tell me.”

“He’s lick,-licking my bottom,” she finally managed to say.

“Is he licking that little hole that I fucked last night?” Chase’s voice sounded low and gritty.

“Yessss,” Rachel hissed.

“Do you like it?” Chase asked silkily.

“He can’t do that.” Rachel closed her eyes against such a forbidden sensation.

“Apparently he can.” Chase chuckled and ate at her lips again. Chase’s mouth teased and demanded, cajoled and possessed, absorbing her moans and whimpers. He cupped her head in his hand, holding her tilted exactly how he wanted her to devour her mouth with his. Nips at her lips had them tingling before he bathed them with his tongue to soothe the sting. His hand on her neck caressed, using his thumb to stroke her jaw and keep her face lifted to his.

Boone moved, shifting to sit in front of her and between her legs, his shoulders under her thighs, holding her up while his mouth ate at her slit. His hands on her bottom held her firmly in place.

Rachel groaned into Chase’s mouth at the first swipe of Boone’s tongue on her slit. She was glad he held her up, because she would have already collapsed as he used his mouth to lick her all over.

He teased her mercilessly, his tongue pushing inside her over and over before moving back up to lick her folds. His mouth burned hot and hungry on her, almost savage. He nipped at her thighs, and she trembled as the delicate skin became highly sensitized, the slight pang traveling straight to her pussy, making it weep even more.

Chase lifted her head, and she opened her eyes to find his stare on her. He held her head up and tilted, watching her face as Boone’s mouth drove her higher and higher. Chase cupped her face, running his thumb back and forth over her cheek. “You are so beautiful, sugar. I love seeing you like this.”

“Please,” she begged. Oh God, she couldn’t take any more.

Chase covered her breasts with his hands once again and spoke to his brother. “Finish her off.”