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Fantasy Fulfilled

(Rapture Island 7)

Scared to explore her interests in the BDSM lifestyle, Erica Roberts opens up about her desires to her boyfriend, disappointed but not surprised that he reacts with anger. Still curious, and getting a little desperate, she attends a special event at a Dominant’s club, only to run out in fear five minutes later.

When a friend hears of her escape and invites her to lunch, Erica meets with her, embarrassed that Kelsey knows what has happened. Irritated at herself and saddened, she pours her heart out to Kelsey, not realizing that two Dominants are eavesdropping. Before she knows it, she’s set up with them, assured that they’re a safe choice and will respect her wishes. She agrees, and it’s a decision that will change her life forever.

Damion Hargrove and Jonathan Pike fulfill every fantasy Erica has ever had and some she doesn’t know exist, but when she loses herself in a particular scene, she runs from them, scared they’ll break her heart. The two men give her the space she needs, but when her ex shows up at her apartment, venting his rage and hurting her in a misguided effort to give her what she wants, the men realize their error. They’ve already fallen in love with her and allowed her to run. It’s a mistake they’ll never make again.

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Firebrand of Desire

(Desire, OK, Founding Fathers 7)

Release Date: May 12, 2023

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