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Night Obsession

(Night 6)

Alastair and Ian Wyndham had become used to their wife, Serena, having visions of the future, but the latest one left them reeling.

Someone had plans to kidnap her.

Her visions had given them a warning, one that they planned to take full advantage of.

But even with their combined abilities, they wouldn’t take a chance with Serena, so instead of going to the fundraiser, they’d decided to stay at home.

Serena knew her husband worried, but every time she’d tried to alter one of her visions, something had always gone wrong, and she was very much afraid that if they stayed home, something worse could happen.

With extra security measures in place, they went to the fundraiser, only to have a diversion separate them from her.

And into the hands of the man who planned to take her from them.

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