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Logan's Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma 18)

Katherine Long had met Logan James years earlier and had fallen in love with him almost from the start. Logan, though, admitted to her that he was a Dominant and said she was too innocent for him. He feared that one day she would look at him with fear or disgust in her eyes.

Logan tried his best to stay away from Kat for months before finally admitting that she was the only woman for him, so he drove to Memphis with the intention of admitting his love for her. He got to the hospital just in time to watch Kat’s beloved grandmother die—and for Kat to fall apart.

When Logan takes her to Desire to build a life together, neither suspects that a coworker has hidden drugs in her car and that danger will follow.

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Rancher's Woman

(Erotically Yours 6)

Release Date: March 11, 2024

Caroline Cobb fell in love with her neighbor Beck Branson when a teen. Back then, she did nothing but amuse Beck, but now he has fallen in love with her too. Caroline is embarrassed by her past behavior and she’s avoiding Beck, even when he visits her ailing father.

Beck wants Caroline to share her burdens with him, but she will only share her body. As soon as he touches her, he wants her in his life permanently. He’s convinced she’s the only woman for him.

When Caroline’s father dies, his wife, Mona, and her children, Chantel and Daniel, set out to make trouble over the will, despite divorce papers. Everything comes to a head, including an attack on Caroline, and it’s left to Beck to pay them back for hurting the woman he loves.

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