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Recipe for Desire: The Perfect Mixture

(More Desire, Oklahoma 11)

Emma Ross married Dominants, two men who insisted on control, two men with rage inside, but she’d seen the tenderness beneath. She loves her husbands and has a wonderful life with them and their infant son. Now that she’s recovered from giving birth, she yearns for the passion of the past, but they continue to thwart her efforts to indulge in their playroom.

To make the situation worse, a woman who used to be their submissive wants them back, and she’ll do anything to get them. Charlene tried to kill Emma in the past, and this time, she’s determined to get Hunter and Remington back.

Doubts build, and Charlene’s involvement creates a distance between Emma and her husbands that has never been there before. Emma wants nothing more than to get on with their lives so she can indulge in both the dark hungers and loving tenderness of the two men she loves. But first she has to deal with Charlene.

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Dakota Firestorm

(Dakota Heat 9)

Release Date: October 30, 2023

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