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Firebrand of Desire

(Desire, OK, Founding Fathers 7)

Mary Snyder buries her family and leaves the only home she’s ever known to travel alone to a family she’s never met. The trip proves more dangerous than she expects, and she’s on the brink of death when three men save her.

Working on an outpost at the Circle T Ranch in Oklahoma, Ron Mason, Cabe Whitfield, and Dell Barstow find Mary, shot and half frozen, never suspecting that their lives will soon be changed forever. Taking her for their own, they move to the main compound of the ranch, but a stranger in their midst threatens everything.

For Mary, experiencing pleasure for the first time is easy, but falling in love with three men rocks her to her core. With her fate in their hands, she learns about trust and that love is too precious to deny.

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Panthers' Prisoner

(Black Panthers 6)

Release Date: June 23, 2023

When her uncle pushes her to date Nico, Antonia Carerra doesn’t understand until she overhears a conversation between them. Soon she is on the run, trying desperately to hide from a man she senses is very bad. When the men her uncle and Nico have hired find her, she’s puzzled by the strong effect these men have on her. She’s overwhelmed by desire.

She has no experience with such lust, and panicked and alarmed, she soon learns that Mitch Landon and Graham Tate want her for their own. When her escape attempts prove futile, her struggle to resist them becomes impossible. Even learning that the men are shapeshifters doesn’t diminish her hunger for them, but she needs more than their word that she is their mate to profess her love.

Toni soon discovers that her ex-lover is a dangerous man and will go to any lengths to make her his. She also learns that her two panthers will go to any length to protect the most precious thing in the world to them—their mate.

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