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The Lost Collection, Volume 1

(Beaumonts’ Brand & Amanda’s Texas Rangers)

Beaumonts’ Brand
Alone in the wilderness, Victoria Fowler hides as men stop at her camp. Ben and Wade Beaumont have been away for months driving cattle to their ranch in Montana. When they catch someone stealing food from their chuck wagon, they’re stunned to discover it’s a beautiful woman. This is no place for a woman alone. Both enthralled with her, they each think she’ll make a wonderful addition to their ranch. They offer to wed her.

Tory’s alarmed to discover they want to share her and even more alarmed that she’s even considering it. The two brothers are not what she’s used to and it isn’t easy to live in a harsh world she doesn’t understand–a world where a man will use whatever other men hold dear in his quest for revenge.


Amanda’s Texas Rangers
Amanda Keller’s only goal was to help her mother and sister escape her father’s abuse. She certainly didn’t need the two hard-nosed Texas Rangers meddling in her business.

Texas Rangers Zane Owens and Rand Sloane have their own mission. When they catch the raven-haired beauty about to shoot a man, they don’t believe a word of her lies but have no choice but to let her go. Once they find her again, however, all bets are off.

Amanda has no option but to lie to them and escape, only to find herself in more trouble than she bargained for. Soon, they not only rescue her, but outmaneuver her and make her an enticing offer of their own, one that would give her the escape she’s looking for.

But feelings have a way of sneaking in when she least expects it, turning her world upside down. In a town where their relationship isn’t accepted by all, living the way they are could be risky indeed, especially when men are willing to do whatever they have to in order to satisfy their greed.

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Flames of Desire: Courtney's Loving Dominants

(More Desire, Oklahoma 10)

Courtney Tyler knew her husbands loved her, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they would have been happier with someone more sophisticated.

But it was Rhonda, Law and Zach’s executive assistant, that threatened her marriage and security.

Rhonda’s possessiveness toward Law and Zach and her thinly veiled comments made Courtney bristle, but Law and Zach considered them Rhonda’s way of being helpful.

Surprised to learn of her pregnancy, Courtney was even more surprised to learn that Law and Zach had begun to make changes that would eliminate their need to go to Dallas and stay closer to home.

When Rhonda found out about the changes, she raged at Courtney, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs.

Terrified for Courtney and their baby, Law and Zach suddenly realized the truth and what could have happened to her and the baby because they hadn’t seen it earlier.

Family was everything and none of them would chance losing it again.

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