Ali Holsinger

Firebrand of Desire

Firebrand of Desire

(Desire, OK, Founding Fathers 7)

Fantasy Fulfilled

(Rapture Island 7)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Suspense, BDSM, MFM, HEA

Scared to explore her interests in the BDSM lifestyle, Erica Roberts opens up about her desires to her boyfriend, disappointed but not surprised that he reacts with anger. Still curious, and getting a little desperate, she attends a special event at a Dominant’s club, only to run out in fear five minutes later.

When a friend hears of her escape and invites her to lunch, Erica meets with her, embarrassed that Kelsey knows what has happened. Irritated at herself and saddened, she pours her heart out to Kelsey, not realizing that two Dominants are eavesdropping. Before she knows it, she’s set up with them, assured that they’re a safe choice and will respect her wishes. She agrees, and it’s a decision that will change her life forever.

Damion Hargrove and Jonathan Pike fulfill every fantasy Erica has ever had and some she doesn’t know exist, but when she loses herself in a particular scene, she runs from them, scared they’ll break her heart. The two men give her the space she needs, but when her ex shows up at her apartment, venting his rage and hurting her in a misguided effort to give her what she wants, the men realize their error. They’ve already fallen in love with her and allowed her to run. It’s a mistake they’ll never make again.


Jonathan leaned forward. “The opportunity to find someone who is honest about herself and truly wants to learn about herself and her needs is irresistible.”

Erica nodded, hoping she understood. “I don’t want games either. But I also don’t want to be with someone who’s involved with someone else.”

“While you’re with us, we’re definitely exclusive.” Jonathan touched her chin and lifted her face to his again, the hard gleam in his green eyes sending a shiver through her. “We share with each other but not with anyone else. Understood?”

Erica swallowed heavily and nodded. “Yes. I’m not like that. I don’t sleep around.”

“How many lovers have you had?”

Erica pulled away from his touch, finding it hard to concentrate while awareness continued to take over. “That’s a personal question.”

Damion leaned forward, catching her gaze. “The first of many, and they’re going to get a hell of a lot more personal than that. How many?”

Her face burning, Erica swallowed heavily again. “Two. And I don’t want to talk about it.”

Jonathan touched her arm, turning her attention to him. “Have you talked to any other Dominants?”

“Yes.” Her face burned. “Two. Online. They scared me.”

Raising a brow, he frowned slightly. “Oh? How?”

Erica took another sip of her wine and shrugged. “They seemed more interested in punishing me and what I could expect if I disobeyed than in my pleasure. Some of the things they mentioned sounded painful. I don’t want pain.” Erica shrugged. “I guess that’s how it’s supposed to be.”

Jonathan smiled tenderly, easing her nerves a little. “It’s supposed to work for everyone involved.”

Erica smiled humorlessly. “I thought that was how it should work, but like I said, reality and fantasy are two different things. I mean, why would a woman stay with someone who made her feel used and abused? Why would a woman be with someone who doesn’t appreciate her submission?”

Damion took a sip of his drink and leaned back. “We’ll explore your boundaries. We’ll learn what excites you. What scares you. What you don’t like. What you want but are too embarrassed or shy to admit.”

Intrigued, Erica picked up her glass of wine and leaned back, too. “How will you do that?”

“Because we’ll explore. We’ll learn your body and your reactions. We’ll pay attention.”

Erica took a sip of wine and glanced at Jonathan before looking at Damion again. “Will I have a safe word?”


Erica finished her wine and set the glass back on the table. “So how long would this last? Is it like for one night? A weekend?”

Jonathan raised a hand for a waiter. “As long as it satisfies all three of us. More wine?”

“No. Thank you. Maybe some water.”

While Jonathan asked for a glass of water for her, Damion leaned close. “You’re aroused at the prospect of surrendering and curious about your own needs. Would you trust us enough to give this a chance?”

Her face burned again, and averting her gaze, she took a shuddering breath. “How can I expect you to understand what I want when I don’t completely understand it myself?”

“You need to feel desired and appreciated for your surrender.”

Erica grimaced. “You heard that part, huh?”

Jonathan smiled faintly. “We did, and there’s nothing wrong with that. You need to feel cherished. You need to feel that you’re important and cared for. You need to have someone you can trust to guide you in exploring your passions. You need to have someone whom you can lean on. A strength you can trust.”

Flushed, Erica grimaced again. “You make me sound so needy. Is it so wrong to want to know?”

“Not at all.” Jonathan took her hand in his. “We all have needs, Erica.”

Marveling at how wonderful it felt to have her hand clasped in his, Erica lifted her gaze to his. “What do you need?”

He smiled at that, his dark eyes twinkling. “Honesty. Someone to spoil. Someone who looks to us for strength. Someone who will trust us enough to give herself completely. It’ll be up to us to earn that trust, but little by little, we will. If you let us.”

Wanting to be as honest as she could, Erica shrugged. “I’m not sure I can trust anyone that way. I know it means I won’t have the answers I want, and I won’t be able to feel what I think I want to feel, but that kind of trust would be hard for me.”

Damion ran a hand down her arm. “It’s up to us to earn your trust. When the pleasure and the promise of more to come becomes irresistible, you’ll want to give yourself.”

Smiling her thanks when the waiter brought her water, Erica reached for it. “You sound sure.”

Jonathan squeezed her free hand. “Hopeful.”

Erica sipped her water and pulled her hand from his to wipe both damp palms on her thighs. “As long as we have an understanding that I can walk away whenever I want to.”

Damion inclined his head. “So can we, which we will if you’re not really trying or you allow shyness to interfere with what all three of us want.”

She took a deep breath, not looking at either one of them. “So when do we start?”

Madison Brothers’ Desire

(Desire, OK 17)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Romantic Suspense, MFMM, HEA

Marissa Brown moved to Desire, Oklahoma to make a life for herself and her young son. She’d found a job that she loved, managing the lingerie shop in town and she and Sammy were happy.

She’d met Sloane, Cole, and Brett Madison and had quickly begun to fall for them, fascinated by the menage relationships prevalent in Desire. But her budding relationship with three men threatened her credibility as a good mother, allowing Sammy’s father visitation rights.

Scared of losing her son, she tried to distance herself from them, Jimmy’s series of attacks prompted Sloane, Cole, and Brett to keep Marissa and Sammy even closer. Keeping them safe while proving the other man’s abuse proved frustrating, especially since he seemed hell-bent on making them his.

But the Madisons knew they’d found the love they’d been looking for and had no intention of letting go.


Marissa began taking items from the box, carefully checking them on the invoice before hanging them. “I already told you that Jimmy got visitation rights.”

“Yes, and I told you that we’ve already gotten you a new attorney. Jimmy does drugs and has no business being around either one of you.”

“He said he never did drugs and was holding them for a friend.”

“That’s bullshit, and you know it.” Sloane clenched his jaw, his frustration and anger about the entire situation difficult to contain. “Just because he fathered Sammy doesn’t make him his father.”

Marissa glanced at him and continued her task, the unshed tears in her eyes like a fist around his heart. “The judge didn’t see it that way, and I don’t want you paying for a different lawyer. It’s going to make things look worse.”

Jimmy had been arrested for assaulting Marissa while she was pregnant and had just gotten out of prison months earlier.

Scraping a hand over his jaw, Sloane watched Marissa fold and hang items to put them on display, her hands shaking. “I can’t believe he got visitation rights. I can’t believe, after assaulting you, that he can visit in your home. Unsupervised! This new attorney is better than yours. He’ll make sure Jimmy doesn’t get custody.”

Marissa bent her head, a sob escaping. “The judge took Jimmy’s attorney’s word that his anger management classes taught him how to deal with his anger. Jimmy told them about us. Now the judge thinks I’m a whore because I started a relationship with three men..”

He strode quickly to her, her sob ripping him to pieces. “Don’t ever call yourself that again. Jesus, Marissa. We haven’t even had sex yet.”

She was so skittish and scared of confusing Sammy that Sloane and his brothers hadn’t wanted to rush her, worried that they’d scare her away.

He knew what other people thought and had moved to Desire, Oklahoma, with his brothers to have the kind of relationship where such things were respected.

They’d found the woman they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with, but Jimmy was causing problems they couldn’t ignore.

In a very telling gesture, she leaned into him before pushing away again. “And we won’t. We can’t. You and your brothers have to stay away from me.”

With a sigh, Sloane clenched his fists at his sides in frustration. “We want you, Marissa. We’ve made that clear. We’ve also made it clear that we’re gonna do whatever it takes to have both you and Sammy in our lives. That includes making it clear to anyone watching that you’re in a relationship with me, and Cole and Brett are just friends. It hurts to do that, but we’ll do whatever it takes.”

Shaking her head, Marissa eyed him again, her features pale. “Please. I’m afraid the judge will see through it. You, Cole, and Brett need to stay away from me. I can’t risk losing Sammy.”

Sloane pulled a business card from his pocket. “This is the lawyer. Anna Markinson. She’s already getting all the information on your case and is expecting your call.”

Leaning close, he took her hand in his and placed it on his chest, needing the contact. “In the meantime, it’ll appear that you’re just dating me. No one will think anything of my brothers coming around to check on you or being seen with you. I’ll talk to them and make sure neither one of them acts like your lover in public.”

Marissa’s pale features reddened. “We’re not lovers.”

Sloane saw no reason to hide his own feelings for her, and frustrated that she tried to push him away when her growing feelings for him shone in her eyes, Sloane bent forward and touched his lips to hers.
Filled with satisfaction when she sobbed and threw her arms around him, he deepened his kiss, keeping it tender and allowing only a touch of the passion he felt for her.

They’d had passionate kisses in the past, and when he’d caressed her breasts, her response had been even more passionate.

The same had happened with his brothers.

She wanted them, and knowing her as well as he’d come to, he realized that she wouldn’t feel that passion if she didn’t have feelings for them.

Reluctantly breaking off his kiss, he lifted his head to look down at her, seeing the love for him she so desperately tried to hide glimmering in her eyes. “We haven’t had sex yet, baby, but we’ve kissed and I’ve touched you. So have Cole and Brett. We’re lovers.”

Amused at her deep blush, he smiled and pushed an errant curl back, taking the opportunity to caress her silky, soft cheek. “Don’t look so surprised or embarrassed. Did you think Cole, Brett, and I don’t talk about you? There are no secrets between us, baby. There can’t be. We want this to work.”

Marissa’s eyes went wide. “I can’t.”

Her voice broke, sending a chill down his spine.

Closing his hands on her shoulders, he pulled her closer, holding her gaze. “I don’t trust Jimmy, and I’m sure as hell not leaving you to deal with him alone. What did he do to upset you today?”

She clenched her fists on his chest and abruptly dropped them and moved away. “Nothing. I can handle him. I can’t risk losing Sammy. Please. Just stay away from me.”

Not wanting to upset her any further, Sloane mentally sighed and nodded. He knew she was lying to him, but pushing her would just put more distance between them. “I’ll go for now, but this isn’t over between us, Marissa.”

“It has to be.”

Erotically Yours Collection, Volume 1

(Loving Ambush & Iron Cowboy)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Western/Cowboys, Bondage, Sex Toys, MF, HEA

Loving Ambush
Since her youngest daughter left for college, Jasmine White found it increasingly difficult to resist her sexy-as-hell landlord and next-door neighbor, Pete MacDougal—Mac. Going out with another man seemed a good way to forget about Mac, but Mac’s reaction was more than she’d bargained for.

Drawing her into a world of passion, Mac shows her a side of himself that he’d kept hidden, a side that draws her in even deeper.

No longer trusting her own instincts, she fights to resist the irresistible.

Only after a confrontation with her ex-husband does she realize that she feels more secure with Mac than she ever had in all the years she’d been married. He teaches her that she can trust her own instincts, and their love frees them both to be themselves—and to have the kind of loving relationship they’d both always dreamed of.

Iron Cowboy
Lana Davies’ modeling career ended the moment she was attacked by a stalker. The physical and emotional scars changed her, transforming her into a woman she barely recognized.

Wanting a fresh start, she moves back home to Monterro, New Mexico, where she meets a man of iron who surrounds her with a sense of peace and security she so desperately needs. But the lingering effects of her attack still haunt her and Lana can’t let herself fully lean on him until she’s gotten her strength back.

Pleased that Lana seems to grow stronger by the day under his protection, J.W. vows to do his best to make her his and to keep her safe from the man who is still stalking her…

Passion Storm

(Erotically Yours 5)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, BDSM, MF, HEA

Caroline Webber came home from work to find that her estranged husband and his girlfriend had been murdered in her home.

Dazed, she never expected that meeting homicide detective, Liam Silva, would change her life forever.

The chemistry between them couldn’t be denied.

And he was a Dominant.

Strong. Steady.


He made her feel things she’d never felt before.

Better than her darkest fantasies.

Liam admired Caroline’s courage and strength as she dealt with the horror of the murders in her home, especially when learning that her life was now in danger.

But he had a darker side that some of his cases brought to the surface.

Dealing with one of those cases, he tried to put distance between them.

But he couldn’t stay away.

Caroline yearned for Liam to find peace with her, never expecting to find her own as he took her to an erotic world of sensation.

And the love of a lifetime.


“What did you smell?”

“Blood. Death. I’m an ER nurse, remember? I’ve smelled it too many times before.”

So have I.

He waited to see if she would continue, not wanting to rush her, especially when her voice took on a distance, as if she was trying to tell what she saw while separating herself from the horror.

Although she looked out at the lush backyard, he suspected that she didn’t see it and was reliving the moments she’d walked into her husband’s room.

“I turned toward it.”

Priding himself on the small insight into her, Liam waited.

“I called him a son of a bitch and started into the room, furious that not only would he come into my house uninvited but would bring a woman with him.”

Liam found it curious that she hadn’t mentioned the front door yet but waited while she continued.

“I walked in and noticed that the shadows on the wall weren’t really shadows. The wall was dark in places from blood. The comforter had dark stains. I saw the bullet wounds.”

“Did you touch them?”

Nodded, she swallowed audibly. “I felt Jack’s carotid. Nothing, and he was too cold. I knew he was dead, and figured she was, but I went around the bed to feel hers, too. I guess I stood there a minute or two, trying to make sense of it.”

Her gaze slid to his. “I still can’t make sense of it. Why was he here? How many times has he done this while I was working? Another thing that’s bothering me is, how the hell did the killer get inside?”

She gulped the rest of her juice. “When I came out here, the door was locked. If the killer followed Jack into the garage, Jack and his girlfriend would never have made it to his bedroom.”

“You didn’t notice that the front door was damaged?”

She whirled on him, her blue eyes wide. “What? No.” Jumping up, she raced inside and through the kitchen and living room with Liam following close behind.

He caught her arm, shocked at the rush to his senses. “Don’t touch it.”

Stopping abruptly, Caroline watched the man applying a fine black powder the door handle and surrounding area in the search for fingerprints. “The door was closed. I would have noticed if it was open.”

Liam inclined his head and reluctantly released her, promising himself he would feel her soft skin against his in the near future. “I’m sure you would have. Let’s go back into the kitchen and sit down. I have a few more questions.”

Just then, Henry came down the stairs with a men’s toiletry bag. “Sir, we found this on the top shelf of the bedroom closet.”

Wearing gloves, he opened the top, which had already been unzipped, and showed Liam the contents.

Liam had a sinking feeling in his stomach as he took in the glittering diamonds.

Glancing at Caroline, he stepped back to allow her to see them. “You ever seen them before?”

She looked into the bag, her eyes going wide. “Jesus! No. Are those real?”

If she had known about them, Liam felt she would have hidden them before calling the police.

Henry raised a brow. “You didn’t see these on the top shelf?”

Caroline crossed her arms over her chest, her eyes flashing. “Have you looked at me, Detective? I’m five feet three in my nursing shoes. I’ve never even seen the top shelf. Excuse me. I need to breathe.”

Liam watched her walk away, wanting nothing more than to hold her until she settled.

With gloved hands, Henry rezipped the bag holding the diamonds and dropped it into the evidence bag held open by the waiting detective. “Jack Webber worked as a manager at a wholesale club. He has a brother who got out of prison three months ago. David Webber.”

“What was he in for?”

Henry raised a brow. “You’re not gonna believe this. He’s a jewel thief.”

Liam grimaced. “Mrs. Webber either knows more than she’s telling us or there’s a chance that she might be in danger.”

“I understand the bedroom was searched. Why weren’t they found during the search?”

“The bag was pressed against the back wall. He would have had to be tall enough to see it. The shelves were otherwise empty.”

Liam sighed. “So unless he was tall enough to see it, he would have seen nothing but empty shelves.”

Henry inclined his head. “Exactly. I don’t know how a man who works as a manager at a wholesale club could get all of those diamonds, unless he somehow stole them.”

Liam started back toward the garage, with the intention of finding Caroline again. “And if they belong to someone else, they’re gonna be desperate to get them back.”

The Lost Collection, Volume 1

(Beaumonts’ Brand & Amanda’s Texas Rangers)

Erotic Romance, Historical, Western, Menage a Trois, MFM, HEA

Beaumonts’ Brand
Alone in the wilderness, Victoria Fowler hides as men stop at her camp. Ben and Wade Beaumont have been away for months driving cattle to their ranch in Montana. When they catch someone stealing food from their chuck wagon, they’re stunned to discover it’s a beautiful woman. This is no place for a woman alone. Both enthralled with her, they each think she’ll make a wonderful addition to their ranch. They offer to wed her.

Tory’s alarmed to discover they want to share her and even more alarmed that she’s even considering it. The two brothers are not what she’s used to and it isn’t easy to live in a harsh world she doesn’t understand–a world where a man will use whatever other men hold dear in his quest for revenge.


Amanda’s Texas Rangers
Amanda Keller’s only goal was to help her mother and sister escape her father’s abuse. She certainly didn’t need the two hard-nosed Texas Rangers meddling in her business.

Texas Rangers Zane Owens and Rand Sloane have their own mission. When they catch the raven-haired beauty about to shoot a man, they don’t believe a word of her lies but have no choice but to let her go. Once they find her again, however, all bets are off.

Amanda has no option but to lie to them and escape, only to find herself in more trouble than she bargained for. Soon, they not only rescue her, but outmaneuver her and make her an enticing offer of their own, one that would give her the escape she’s looking for.

But feelings have a way of sneaking in when she least expects it, turning her world upside down. In a town where their relationship isn’t accepted by all, living the way they are could be risky indeed, especially when men are willing to do whatever they have to in order to satisfy their greed.


Beaumonts’ Brand:
Ben came awake in an instant, his gun already in his hand. His hat hid most of his face as he saw the small figure work his way clumsily to the chuck wagon. Aware of Wade’s alertness beside him, he remained silent as he watched the figure look around nervously while stumbling forward.

Wearing pants rolled up several times and a shirt that hung down to his knees, the figure looked like a boy in his daddy’s clothes. Moving almost, but not quite silently, he continued to make his way closer and closer to the wagon, staggering like a drunk. The fire burned too low to see the boy’s face clearly. With the kid’s hat pulled so low, Ben wondered if he could even see. Once the boy got close enough to the wagon, he held on as though for support, and it took him three tries before he made it inside.

Ben waved back the hands that stood when he did, putting a finger to his lips as he and Wade moved forward. Tucking his gun away, he approached from one side while Wade approached from the other. Aware of his men moving in behind him, he waved them back, not wanting anyone to accidentally shoot the kid.

Wondering if this kid had anything to do with the four dead men, he shot a glance at his brother and nodded. Wade pointed his gun skyward and reached up with his free hand to grab the kid’s ankles, pulling him from the wagon.

The feminine squeal shocked the hell out of him as the small figure fell to the ground with a thud, drawing a knife that Wade quickly grabbed away.

Kneeling and holding on to her arm, Ben glanced over his shoulder. “Red, bring me a lantern.”

The small figure began thrashing. “Let me go. I didn’t do anything.”

He and Wade looked at each other in surprise. It was a female, one who sounded weak and breathless. He let go, not wanting to add to her obvious fear.

She staggered to her feet, backing away. Her hat fell off and a long, blonde braid now hung down her back. “Please don’t hurt me. I’ll go away. I didn’t steal anything, I swear. I just wanted some food.”

Red came running with a lantern and held it up, allowing them to get a good look at her.

John Dodge laughed, the sound of it making Ben clench his jaw. “Well, looky what we got here.”

Ben heard several gasps from behind him as the men realized it was a woman, one with a dirty, sunburned face. “We won’t hurt you.

Were you with those men we found earlier?”

Amanda’s Texas Rangers
“Oof!” A hard body landed none too gently on top of her, knocking the air out of her lungs as strong hands wrenched the rifle from her grip and another equally strong hand covered her mouth against her instinctive cry.

“Quiet!” The cold venom in the low tone whispered furiously against her ear had to be the most frightening sound she’d ever heard.

Pressed into the ground by the heavy weight on top of her, she whimpered as the rock at her hip dug in even more painfully, bringing tears to her eyes. She struggled for air, barely able to breathe through the large hand covering her mouth and nose.

Another voice sounded next to her other ear, barely a whisper that she had to struggle to hear. “Be still and be quiet. We’re going to back away from the edge slowly. If you resist, Zane, here, will break your neck. Do you understand?”

Amanda nodded once, her vision blurring from lack of air. Oh, God. There were two of them, and they were going to kill her. Her eyes flew open when she felt the hard bulge press at her bottom.

Or worse.

She’d heard stories about men who kept women alive for days, using them over and over until they’ve had enough of them. Then they’d kill them. She’d rather be killed outright than to have to endure that.

Even in this heat, a shiver went down her spine as fear clawed at her, along with something else, something decadent and dangerous. The man holding her didn’t smell sour the way her father did. He smelled like soap, leather and sweat, and the hand covering her mouth was free of grime. Even the slight beard brushing her cheek was soft, and she barely resisted the urge to rub against it. The strength of the body covering hers was apparent, his movements controlled and sure. Hard-packed muscles pressed over every inch of her back and legs, holding her so firmly that she couldn’t move at all.

He bent close, tightening his hand threateningly over her mouth. “I’ll take my hand away a little so you can breathe. If you make one sound, you’re dead.”

Amanda nodded again, gulping in air as soon as his hand moved away, trying her best to be as quiet as possible so he didn’t cover her mouth again. She found herself lifted slightly and pulled back from the edge, the man handling her as easily as he would a rag doll. Not until he’d pulled her several feet back and out of Rafael’s sight did he loosen his hold, still gripping her arm as he led her down the back side of the rocky ledge to the bottom where she’d left Midnight. The second he let her go, she spun and started backing away, stopping in her tracks when she got her first good look at them.

Holy hell. “Who are you?”

The one who’d just released her put his hands on his hips, his gaze hot as it moved over her. He looked just as muscular as he felt pressed against her. “We’re Texas Rangers, ma’am. What were you doing back there?”

Flames of Desire: Courtney’s Loving Dominants

(More Desire, Oklahoma 10)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, BDSM, MFM, HEA

Courtney Tyler knew her husbands loved her, but couldn’t shake the feeling that they would have been happier with someone more sophisticated.

But it was Rhonda, Law and Zach’s executive assistant, that threatened her marriage and security.

Rhonda’s possessiveness toward Law and Zach and her thinly veiled comments made Courtney bristle, but Law and Zach considered them Rhonda’s way of being helpful.

Surprised to learn of her pregnancy, Courtney was even more surprised to learn that Law and Zach had begun to make changes that would eliminate their need to go to Dallas and stay closer to home.

When Rhonda found out about the changes, she raged at Courtney, causing her to fall down a flight of stairs.

Terrified for Courtney and their baby, Law and Zach suddenly realized the truth and what could have happened to her and the baby because they hadn’t seen it earlier.

Family was everything and none of them would chance losing it again.


Courtney Tyler finished paying for her order, slipping her credit card back into her purse before turning to meet her chauffeur and bodyguard’s cool, watchful gaze. “I’m sorry, Thomas. That took a little longer than I thought it would.”

Thomas’s expression never changed. “My job is to drive you where you want to go and protect you. It doesn’t matter how long it takes.”

Slipping her purse over her shoulder, Courtney started for the door. “Tell me, Thomas. What do you do when I’m not in Dallas?”

“I work in the main office and see to the Tylers’ security.”

She looked up at him as they walked outside. “Which job do you like better?”

Scanning their surroundings, he opened the car door for her. “I find both fulfilling. Get in, please.”

Courtney mentally shrugged and got inside the too-expensive car her husbands had bought for the purpose of Thomas driving her around.

Realizing that she’d be late for lunch with her husbands, she pulled out her cell phone and called their office phone so she could speak to both of them.

Law answered on the second ring. “Hello, darling. I put you on speaker so you can talk to Zach, too. I understand that you just finished your shopping. Did you find everything you need?”

Smiling at the fact that when he used that silky tone, a shiver went through her, Courtney leaned back. “And then some. I was calling to tell you I was going to be late, but it sounds like the tattletale you send everywhere with me already told you.”

Zach chuckled. “That’s his job, baby. He’s supposed to protect you.”

“But does he have to tell you everywhere I go?”

“Is there a reason we can’t know where you go?”

Courtney shivered at Law’s cool tone. “Of course not. It’s just a little like having a babysitter.”

And she couldn’t help but wonder if there was a reason they needed to know where she was at all times.

“I feel more comfortable knowing where you are, especially here in Dallas. It’s a big city, and you don’t know your way around.” Law’s voice lowered. “In case you haven’t noticed, our pictures have been in the paper quite a bit lately. We’ve garnered a lot of attention, and I want anyone who has thoughts of hurting or taking you to see that you’re protected at all times. This isn’t negotiable, Courtney.”

Staring down at her engagement ring and wedding band, Courtney turned them on her finger with her thumb. “I know. I’ll be at your office soon.”

She disconnected, dropped the phone back into her purse, and looked out the side window at all the traffic, relieved that she didn’t have to deal with it.

Law was right. She didn’t know the city well enough to be comfortable driving in it.

Although she doubted that anyone would kidnap her for ransom, she also understood their need to protect her.

They’d been raised in a town where people prioritized protecting women and prided themselves on making their women happy.

In Desire, she felt more confident about their relationship.

She fit in well there and had made a lot of friends.

In the town of Desire, she felt as if she belonged.

She felt close to them and, surrounded by others who lived the same way, could relax and enjoy life.

In Dallas, however, she felt awkward and unsophisticated.

And Rhonda Wells, their private secretary, only made her insecurities worse.

Tall, slender, always dressed impeccably, Rhonda always had her hair perfectly coiffed in a complicated updo.

She always had an air of confidence that surrounded her like the cloud of her designer perfume.

Courtney always felt unsophisticated and plain next to the other woman and had to admit, if just to herself, that she was more than a little jealous at the way Law and Zach depended on the other woman.

And the way Rhonda looked at them.

Irritated at herself for being jealous when her husbands continuously showed her how much they loved her, and feeling like a fool, she promised herself that she wouldn’t let the other woman get to her.

After all, what could she do?

Once in the private parking garage, Courtney got out of the back seat without waiting for Thomas to open the door for her and headed for the elevator.

Thomas stepped in beside her and entered the code that would take them to Law and Zach’s office.

When the elevator door opened, it was to the elegantly appointed outer reception area where Rhonda sat.

Rhonda’s high heels clicked on the marble floor as she rounded the desk, her forced smile grating on Courtney’s nerves. “Hello, Mrs. Tyler.”

Rhonda’s smile stiffened as her gaze slid to Thomas. “Thomas. You’re late. The Tylers have a full afternoon and dislike being kept waiting.”

Courtney blinked. “I don’t know why you would blame Thomas. It’s my fault we’re late.”

Rhonda turned her attention back to Courtney. “Your lunch will have to be cut short in order to accommodate their busy schedule. I hope you understand.”

Not liking the way Rhonda spoke for her husbands, Courtney smiled coldly, wishing she’d dressed in something nicer than the jeans and sneakers she wore. “Oh, I understand completely. I wonder how much my husbands will appreciate that you speak for them.”

“That’s my job. Besides, I’m just reminding you that your husbands are very busy men.”

Irritated that their secretary always made her feel like a country bumpkin, and not missing the emphasis the other woman put on the word husbands, Courtney headed for their office door. “Yes, they are, so I should get in there.”

Night Obsession

(Night 6)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Paranormal, MFM, HEA

Alastair and Ian Wyndham had become used to their wife, Serena, having visions of the future, but the latest one left them reeling.

Someone had plans to kidnap her.

Her visions had given them a warning, one that they planned to take full advantage of.

But even with their combined abilities, they wouldn’t take a chance with Serena, so instead of going to the fundraiser, they’d decided to stay at home.

Serena knew her husband worried, but every time she’d tried to alter one of her visions, something had always gone wrong, and she was very much afraid that if they stayed home, something worse could happen.

With extra security measures in place, they went to the fundraiser, only to have a diversion separate them from her.

And into the hands of the man who planned to take her from them.


It took several clumsy attempts, but Serena finally managed to pull the combs from her hair and clasp one on each hand.

Pausing to take several deep breaths, she fought the nausea and dizziness and made her way the five or six feet to the door of the storage unit.

It took even more effort to pull herself up to her knees to reach the lock.

Once she did, she held one comb between her teeth while sliding the metal piece from behind the decorative bar.

Frustrated that her hands wouldn’t cooperate, she mentally cursed, glancing at the stairs where she expected to see Alastair appear any second.

Once she got the metal piece free, she blew out a breath and carefully removed the other comb from her mouth and slid in the other, careful to keep the metal piece pointed outward.

Because she had to keep grabbing on to the wooden slats of the door for support, it took several attempts to get the other metal piece free.

Knowing that Alastair and Ian would be rescuing her gave her the strength that she needed.

She could do this.

Gripping the lock tightly, she slid the piece she held into the bottom and carefully took the other comb from her mouth.

“Easy, baby. Don’t rush it.”

Relieved to hear Ian’s voice in her head, she smiled and let it wash over her, much as she had their touch that morning.

“I know what I’m doing, Ian. You taught me, remember?”

“You’re dizzy and in pain. Alastair is going to find you in a matter of minutes. You can stop and just sit down until he gets there.”

She focused on the tumblers, which she knew would be easy on such a cheap lock. “I can do this.”

“Why are you in pain? What happened?”

Serena found the lock harder to unlock than she anticipated, her fuzzy mind and sluggish movements making her task much more difficult than it should have been. “Dizzy. Stumbled. Abe dropped me down the stairs.”

“Fucking asshole. Alastair and I both felt it and couldn’t figure out what the hell happened. Your right ankle must be killing you.”

“Yeah, but probably not as bad as it would be without this drug in my system.”

“Not funny.”

Serena took another deep breath and wiggled the comb, filled with satisfaction when the lock clicked open. “I did it.”

“Of course you did. Alastair found the door. Love you, baby.”

Hearing the basement door open, Serena dropped to her butt with a smile, her heart near to bursting at the sight of Alastair’s beloved face, hard with anger and worry as he rushed down the steps.

He reached the door, took the lock off and flung it away before yanking the door open and bending to pick her up.

He straightened, moving carefully and pulled her against him, enfolding her in his arms. “Jesus, baby. I turned around and you were gone. You’re hurt. We’re going to the hospital. Ian’s making sure that Steve will be waiting.”

Turning, he started up the steps. “What the hell happened?”

Serena dropped her head against his shoulder, secure in the knowledge that he wouldn’t drop her. “Stephanie Banks was knocked down, and she was trying to protect her belly in the crowd. I didn’t even think. I went to her and helped her up. I looked up and you were gone.”

Alastair carried her up the stairs with ease and went through the doorway to the carpeted hallway. “I was frantically searching for my beloved wife.”

She took several more deep breaths, , unsurprised to see Jonathan, still in his waiter’s uniform, approach.

“Are you all right?”

Leaning into Alastair, Serena nodded and touched her neck. “I’m fine. Just dizzy. Nauseated. He dropped me down the steps.”

Jonathan’s expression hardened even more. “We have the paramedics here. They’re going to check you out and take you to the hospital.”

Alastair carried her toward the back exit. “I have our own doctor waiting.”

Jonathan nodded. “He’s on the phone with the paramedic now.”

Serena held out a hand. “Is Stephanie all right?”

Nodding again, Jonathan motioned to one of his agents. “She’s fine, but we sent her to the hospital to get checked out. Her husband was frantic that she fell.”

Alastair bent to kiss Serena’s hair. “I can understand that,”

Relieved, Serena dropped her head back against Alastair’s shoulder again, finding it harder and harder to focus. “Please tell me that you caught them.”

Jonathan gestured toward a spot behind her, and with a gentleness that no longer surprised her, Alastair slowly turned her.

The female agent had cuffed Abe and his sister and, as Serena watched, handed them over to two more agents and approached just a step behind Jonathan. “Are you all right, Mrs. Wyndham?”

“I’m fine. He dropped me. Fucking weakling.”

The female agent snorted and shared a look with Alastair.. “I’m sure you must think so. I have to get these two processed.”

Alastair lifted Serena’s chin and eyed her neck critically. “Come on, darling. Let’s get you to the hospital. Steve will be waiting for us when we get there.”


“Yes, darling?”

“I think I’m going to –”

When her words trailed off, Alastair cursed and hurried his steps.

And then everything went black.

Forged in Desire

(Desire, Oklahoma: The Founding Fathers 6)

Erotic Romance, Historical, Cowboys, MF, HEA

Leonora Tillman worked in her father’s store in Tulsa, Oklahoma, always hoping that Emmett Pike from the Circle T would come to town.

Emmett Pike looked forward to going to Tulsa and seeing Leonora, not suspecting that this trip would change both of their lives forever.

Returning to the Circle T with an injured bride, Emmett soon discovered that Leonora was even more desirable than he’d expected.

Her passionate nature soon enthralled him and he found an outlet for his playfulness with his willing wife.

They became closer by the day, and when an unexpected chance to go to Tulsa again arrived, they went together so that Leonora could check on her father.

But when the owners of the Circle T made Tillman an offer, no one suspected the turn of events that would follow that would bring them even closer.


Emmett watched the doctor cut away the shoulder of her dress, bracing himself for what came next.

As he’d expected, the doctor turned to meet his gaze. “I need you to hold her. If she doesn’t move, I can do this quickly. If she moves, it could cause even more damage.”

Emmett inclined his head and met Leonora’s gaze. “I’m sorry.”

“Just do it. Don’t let me move.”

“I won’t.” Emmett held her firmly, clenching her jaw through her cries and struggles as the doctor removed the bullet. “Come on, Doc. Get it out.”

The doctor lifted the forceps from her wound, the bullet clasped in them. “It’s out.”

Emmett grabbed the cloth again and wiped the tears and sweat from Leonora’s face and neck. “You’re so brave. Just a little more for Doc to stitch it up.”

“Can I hold on to you?”

Emmett smiled. “Dynamite couldn’t tear me away.”

Leonora nodded, her smile tense. “Thank you. How’s Pa?”


Leonora grimaced when her brothers, Stan and Henry, burst into the doctor’s office. “Lord have mercy. Doc, please hurry.”

“Pa! What happened?” Stan rushed to his father’s side, paling when his father didn’t answer.

Eb stopped Henry from shaking him. “He’s resting. It’s his heart. He needs rest and quiet.”

Henry rushed over to stand at the foot of the cot, glaring down at Leonora. “We heard he was shot. What the hell are you doin’, lyin’ down instead of sittin’ with Pa?”

Emmett didn’t often lose his temper, but he came perilously close. “Do you see the doctor workin’ on her? The blood?”

Leonora gripped his hand tighter and winced when the doctor pierced her skin with the needle. “Shootout. I got shot.”

Eb seemed to recognize Emmett’s mood and moved to stand between him and Henry. “There was a shootout in the street. A stray bullet shattered the store window and hit your sister.”

Emmett held Leonora’s gaze. “Almost done. Right, Doc?”

Doc smiled, not appearing at all intimidated by his tone. “One more stitch. Henry, Stan, if you can’t be quiet, get out.”

“What the hell were you doin’ in the store? I told you to sew my shirt!” Stan’s anger toward Leonora frayed the edges of the control Emmett fought for. “I’ll bet you didn’t fix supper either! Doc, finish fixin’ her up so we can take her home to make supper.”

“Stop talkin’ to your sister that way.”

Eb rushed back to Tillman’s bed. “Easy, Tillman. Don’t get worked up.”

“If I die—”

“You’re not gonna die. Just lie back and relax.” Eb’s low tone contrasted sharply with the anger glittering in his eyes.

“If I die, they’re gonna make her their slave.”

Emmett turned back to Leonora, breathing a sigh of relief when the doctor tied off the last stitch. “Can she have a little more laudanum?”

Leonora shook her head, wincing. “No. Pa needs it. I have to go back to the shop and board up the window.”

Emmett turned to glare at Stan and Henry. “No. You’re not. I think Stan and Henry can handle that.”

Eb bent low and spoke to Tillman. “We took our order, and I went to the bank and gave them the money. They’re puttin’ it in your account.”

“Thank you.”

Henry turned. “You coulda given it to me.”

Tillman took a deep breath and winced. “You woulda spent it at the saloon. Lee, you need to get married. If I die, your brothers ain’t gonna ever let you get married.”

Leonora released Emmett and used her good arm to try to sit up, but Emmett caught her, flattening a hand on her back to hold her up.


Leonora had paled even more. “Pa, I’m not marrying Charlie Mason.”

The doctor bandaged her shoulder and glanced at Emmett. “Hold her arm here so I can put the sling on.”

Keeping a hand at her back to support her, Emmett held her arm in place, furious at her brothers. “Calm down, darlin’.”

Stan leapt forward, clearly enraged, but he stopped abruptly when he saw Eb’s and Emmett’s faces. “She’s our sister. You can leave now. We’ll take care of her. Come on, Lee. Let’s go home. We’re hungry.”

Emmett waited until the doctor had finished securing the sling before rising to his feet, enraged. “She’s not going home with you.”

Stan placed his hands on his hips, probably in the hopes of making himself look bigger, when both of Lenora’s brothers were the same height as her and barely came up to his shoulder and were so thin that a strong gust of wind could blow them over. “This is none of your business. Henry and I will take care of everything until Pa’s better.”

Eb shifted slightly, placing himself between Emmett and Leonora’s brothers. “Emmett, we—”

Emmett strode past Eb. “She’s not going home and cooking dinner for you.”

“She’s our sister, and as long as Pa is under the weather, we’re in charge of her.”

Emmett’s hands tightened into fists at his sides. “In charge? Not that you’re responsible for taking care of her, but that you’re in charge of her? She’s a woman, and she’s been shot!”

Henry shrugged. “It’s not like she’s a dainty little thing. She’s as tall as we are and strong as a horse.”

Eb chuckled. “She’s as small and dainty as you both are.” He lowered his voice. “So what are we doin’ here, Emmett?”

Emmett scraped a hand over his jaw, watching Leonora leaning back against a pillow and apparently sleeping. “I can’t leave her here with them. Tillman’s gonna be out of commission for weeks. If he survives.”

“So what do you want to do?”

Emmett looked back at Leonora again. “I’m gonna marry her and take her back to the ranch.”

The Desire, Oklahoma Collection, Volume 3

(Desire Oklahoma 5 and 8)

Erotic Romance, Cowboy, Contemporary, Consensual BDSM, Figging, Spanking, Sensation Play, Sex Toys, MF, HEA

A compilation of books five and eight in the Desire, Oklahoma collection:

  • Dark Desire
  • Reluctant Desire


Dark Desire

Hope Sanderson’s frustration continues to grow as Ace Tyler, sheriff of Desire, OK, keeps ignoring her efforts to get his attention. She’s tried everything she can think of, but he still keeps his distance.

Ace knows what Hope’s up to and has to convince her that he’s the wrong man for her before she ends up breaking his heart. He’s too dark, too possessive for someone as bubbly as she is, but she just won’t take no for an answer. In a moment of weakness he can’t afford, he gives in, only to find that one taste of her just isn’t enough.

Hope’s elated that her plan finally seems to be working, but she can’t convince him that she needs all of him, including those dark needs he tries so hard to keep hidden.

Can she convince him that not only is she more than ready to handle those needs, but she has some dark desires of her own, ones that only he can fulfill?

Reluctant Desire

Charity Sanderson had been Beau Parrish’s lover for months, but she knew it was only a matter of time before their affair ended. She needed a man she could count on to be there, and Beau never took anything seriously. But, she loved him too much to walk away. Beau loved Charity more than his own life, but knew she didn’t believe that. Every time he spoke about a future together, she got skittish, and so he’d had to back off for fear of losing her completely. The vulnerability in her eyes tugged at him, the love shining in them that she didn’t think he could see. He couldn’t go on living a lie. After giving her an ultimatum he walked out, hoping she would love him too much to let it end between them.

Her accident changes everything. It forces her to see that the man she never thought he could be has been there the entire time.