Dakota Heat

From South Dakota to Wolfe Men of Wyoming

(Dakota Heat 8)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Menage, Western/Cowboys, MFMMMM, HEA

Recently divorced, Samantha Sanford left South Dakota to start a new life in Wyoming in a house that she’d inherited from her grandmother.

John, Dirk, Zach, Reno, and Beck Wolfe had been friends with her grandparents and felt obligated to look after Samantha, but hadn’t counted on the instant attraction.

Or that loving her would heal the rift between them.

Samantha relished the peace but struggled to come to terms with falling in love with five men. She had too much anger and bitterness inside her to ever trust again. But her lovers made her want the love they offered if she could only trust enough to reach out for it.

A freak accident changed everything and made her realize that she’d have to release the hurt of the past in order to embrace a future filled with the kind of love she’d never expected to find.


It was a heady feeling to be starting over.



Blowing out a breath, she opened the door, anxious to unload the SUV and get started.

Closing the door behind her, she stretched, knowing from experience that the muscles in her back had tightened and she’d have to be careful for the next few days.

Cursing her designer boots, she started toward the back door, the sound of a dog barking startling her into whipping around, her high-heeled boots no match for the icy driveway.

With a yelp, she flailed her arms in an effort to maintain her balance, but her feet slid out from under her and she landed flat on her back.

Her fall knocked the wind out of her, and as she struggled to draw a breath, she lifted her hands from the ice and snow beneath her.

Suddenly, a huge golden retriever appeared, leaning over her, the sight of sharp teeth making her stiffen even more, another gasp escaping at the even sharper tug to her lower back.


A harsh, deep shout came from somewhere on her right, along with the sound of a horse galloping closer.

Seconds later, a late-model pickup truck pulled into her driveway, skidding to a stop behind her SUV.

The golden retriever whimpered and sat next to her, bending its head to lick at her face, and she finally managed to draw a deep breath.

Relieved, she laughed softly and reached up to stroke its soft fur. “Thank you for not biting me.”

The two men rushed forward, the one who’d leapt from the horse wearing jeans, black cowboy hat, black shearling coat, and black boots, the man from the black pickup truck dressed in brown.

Both rushed to her, crouching near her feet, the one in brown reaching for her hand. “Ma’am?” From beneath the brim of his cowboy hat, his green eyes glimmered. “Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” She smiled, dropping her hand from the soft fur when the man in black pet the dog and urged it aside. “Maggie? Your dog’s a girl?”

“Yeah. Some are, you know.” He glanced at the other man before turning his attention back to her, his green eyes slightly darker and filled with anger and concern. “Where does it hurt? What the hell do you think you’re doing wearing boots like that? You’re lucky if you didn’t break your damned fool neck. Come on. Let me help you up.”

Panicked at the thought, she stiffened even more. “No! Don’t touch me!” Holding out a hand to ward him off, she closed her eyes against the sharp pain, breathing deeply and willing her back spasm to relax. “I’ll be fine. I just turned fast when I heard Maggie. I just need to stay still for a minute.”

“You’re blaming Maggie? You should blame those frivolous boots.”

Opening her eyes, she glared at him. “Why don’t you take your dog, your horse, and your attitude and get the hell off my front yard.”

Your yard?”

The man in brown appeared a few years older, the gray at his temples giving him a distinguished look. Leaning over her, he frowned. “Your back?”

“Yes. I’ll be fine in a minute. I’m trying to relax it, but your friend isn’t helping. Can you tell him to go away?”

The man in brown smiled and pushed his hat back. “He’s not my friend. He’s my brother. I’m John Wolfe. This is my brother, Reno.” He smiled, but the concern in his eyes lingered. “And you’ve already met Maggie.”

“Wolfe?” Samantha closed her eyes again, shivering when an icy gust of wind blew, and she automatically tensed, making the muscle spasms even more painful. “Grandma’s next-door neighbors.”

John slid a hand beneath her head, gently lifting it. “And if you’re Samantha, we’re now yours. Did you hit your head when you fell?”

Mesmerized by his gaze and the way his eyes crinkled at the corners, Samantha involuntarily moved her head against his hand, feeling silly for being so moved at a man’s touch.

Blinking back tears that she hoped he would attribute to pain and the icy wind, Samantha forced a smile. “No. Just got the wind knocked out of me.”

A large black SUV, coming from the same direction as the truck and the horse, pulled into her driveway, and within seconds, after the slamming of doors, three more men approached, all with the same coloring as John and Reno.

All wore jeans, boots, cowboy hats, and shearling coats and soon surrounded her.

One crouched at the other side of her head, glancing at John with a frown. “Is she all right?”

John smiled and removed his hand from the back of her head. “Looks like she hurt her back. This is Edna’s granddaughter, Samantha. Sam, this is my brother Dirk.”

Dirk smiled, his hazel eyes sharp and assessing. “Hi, Sam. Let me help you up.”

“No!” Samantha held out a hand again. “Please don’t touch me.”

John pursed his lips. “You know that we can’t leave you out here on the ground, don’t you?”

“I just need a minute. You can all just go. I’ll get up by myself. I appreciate the offer, but I don’t need an audience.”

John shook his head. “We’re not leaving until we get you inside and settled.”

Reno thinned his lips and hooked a thumb toward the two other men at her feet. “This is Beck and Zach.”

Samantha eyed Beck and Zach, who both had the same dark hair as their brothers, and attempted a smile. “Yeah. My grandmother told me there were five of you. I guess since I’ve met all of you and you’ve seen me make a fool of myself, you can go.”

Dirk shook his head. “Nope.”

Dakota Dawn

(Dakota Heat 7)

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Menage, Cowboys, MFM, HEA

Dawn Hopkins has been beaten by her husband for the last time. She waits for him to go to work and sets her plan in motion.

She hadn’t planned to run into one of her husband’s employers, Ben Parson. Her attraction to him and his brother, Gabe, and the feeling of safety whenever they are near, along with their anger at her bruises, leaves her more than a little unsettled and anxious to get out of town.

Before she can leave, her husband collapses and is rushed to the hospital. With a small son to raise, Ben and Gabe became her anchors. Even more so when her husband commits suicide, almost taking her son with him.

Patiently showing her that they can be counted on, they protect her from danger, and slowly, steadily convince her of their love.


Gabe Parson stepped into the grocery store in town, automatically searching for any sign of Dawn Hopkins.

She was married to one of his ranch hands, and he had no business lusting after her, but he couldn’t help it.

Both he and his older brother, Ben, had felt the chemistry with her at their first meeting, and no amount of bedding other women or avoiding her lessened his hunger for her.

In fact, it made it worse, especially since she was married to a drunk who felt it was his right to take his failures in life out on his petite wife.

Ignoring the attention he drew, he made his way past the register and to the office counter, disappointed that he didn’t see Dawn.

He and Ben, were used to drawing attention, their size and the fact that they owned the third largest ranch in South Dakota seemed to interest people, and they’d long ago learned to ignore it or use it to their advantage, whichever happened to suit the situation.

The manager, Sally Johnson, came forward with a frown. “She left about ten minutes ago. Bought a gallon of milk, loaf of bread, and a dozen eggs. She also bought another bottle of ibuprofen.”

Gabe clenched his jaw. “Any new bruises?”

Sally snorted. “She wears long sleeves year ’round, so my guess is that she always has bruises. Had that worn jacket on and was shiverin’ like crazy. It’s too damned cold out for that poor excuse for a coat. As usual, she had a smile for everyone, despite the fact that her lip was split.”

Fisting a hand on the counter, Gabe inclined his head. “I’ll take care of it. What do we owe you?”

Sally gave him a figure and, while he counted out bills, leaned forward. “And how are you doin’? I saw you at the dance with Brenda Swanson Saturday night. She was eatin’ you up with her eyes.”

Gabe allowed a small smile as he handed the money to her, while inside a familiar frustration ate at him that he hadn’t gotten to Dawn first. “She’s a nice woman.”

Sally stuck the money into the register and handed him a receipt. “Judging by the dress she wore, she wasn’t goin’ for nice.”

Another one of the locals approached the counter, a widower who’d been hitting on Sally for almost a year. “Hey, Sally.”

Sally blushed and straightened. “Hey, Henry. How’s it goin’?”

“Pretty good. Hey, Gabe. How are you? How’s your brother?”

Gabe tucked the receipt away and offered a smile as he turned. “We’re both good. You?”

“I’m fine, thanks.” He glanced at Sally before holding out a hand toward Gabe. “I was over at the sports store to buy myself a new reel for my fishing pole. Surprised to see Dawn Hopkins there. She was so cold she was shivering. Limping, too.”

Gabe stiffened, unsurprised that Henry would know the information would interest him and furious at what he was learning.

Everybody around town knew that he and Ben looked out for her.

With a shrug, Gabe narrowed his gaze. “Probably buying something for John.”

She doted on her son and appeared to do her best to protect him from the truth about his father.

Henry frowned. “I don’t think so. She bought a baseball bat. Nothing else. No glove. No baseball. As far as I know, John doesn’t play baseball and the middle of fall seems like a strange time to be buying a boy in South Dakota a baseball bat to play with.”

Sally smiled, but Gabe couldn’t miss the concern in her eyes. “Good for her. It’s about time she decided to fight back.”

Gabe grimaced. “She’s fought back before. I’ve seen the bruises on Jeff. It sounds like she’s upping her game.”

Henry grimaced. “Hell, I don’t like the sound of that. He’ll kill her for sure.”

Gabe hid the rage and fear inside him. “No. He won’t.”

He made the ride back to the ranch in record time, the tires of his pickup squealing as he turned onto the long driveway.

He brought the truck to a halt and jumped out, slamming the door behind him.

Ranch hands scattered to get out of his way as he strode across the yard to Jeff Hopkins, his fists clenched at his sides.

Backing up until he pressed against the post and rail fence, Jeff loosened his hands at his sides in an apparent attempt to appear unafraid. “Mr. Parson? What’s wrong?”

Gabe didn’t stop until he stood toe-to-toe with Jeff and bent to get in his face. Keeping his voice low, he let his rage show. “If I see your wife with another bruise, I’ll tear you apart. Understood?”

Jeff swallowed heavily but lifted his chin in defiance. “I don’t know—”

“Don’t tell me you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about.” Gabe wanted nothing more than to grab the other man by the throat but didn’t trust himself not to beat Jeff to a bloody pulp. “If you do, or if you hurt her again, I’m gonna show you what it feels like to be beaten by someone larger and a hell of a lot stronger than you.”

Straightening, he took a step back. “The only reason you still have a job here is because I don’t want to take away your ability to provide for them, but if she’s ever looking for a place to stay, I’m gonna make sure she has one, and then you’re gone.”

Jeff glanced around, puffing his chest out when he saw that, although the other men didn’t approach, they watched the scene play out. “My wife is none of your business.”

“If any man beats on a woman, I make it my business.”

Dakota Sunrise

(Dakota Heat 6)

Contemporary Menage a Trois Cowboys Romance, MFM, minor spanking, HEA

A victim of abuse at the hands of her husband, Deanna Olson suddenly had a way out.

Once at the ranch in North Dakota, she learned that her uncle had not only sold the ranch to them, but had also given them control of the money he’d left her.

She hated being dependent on them and learning that her ex-husband headed toward them, she planned her escape.

Sam Taylor and Carson Wells had no intention of letting her leave.

They’d heard her uncle’s suspicions about her abuse, but seeing it enraged them and they vowed to not only protect her, but keep her and her daughter at the ranch where they belonged.

Falling in love with her was easy, but teaching her to trust in that love proved difficult, especially when she’d known only the pain from a man who still posed a threat.

A threat Sam and Carson wanted very much to meet head-on.


She played the names over and over in her mind, suddenly remembering. “Yes. My uncle told me about both of you.”

You can trust Sam and Carson, Deanna.

Okay, Uncle Don.

I mean it.

I know that, but when would I ever see them? When would I need to trust them?

Who knows? But I want you to promise me that when the time comes, you’ll trust them. Both of them. They’ll do the right thing by you.

I don’t understand. Trust them with what?

Everything, and you’ll understand when the time comes. Promise me, Deanna.

I promise.

“Good. Are you ready?”

Deanna blinked. “Ready for what?”

“To leave Mississippi. Your home’s in North Dakota now.”

Glancing down at Casey and unsurprised at how intently her daughter watched Sam and Carson, Deanna sighed. “I don’t know what you’re doing here. I was going to take a bus to the ranch. I missed his funeral. I’m sorry. I didn’t find out until this morning.”

Sam glanced at Carson. “We figured that. When I called to tell you about your uncle, he answered and wouldn’t put you on the phone.”

Carson spoke for the first time. “So we came to get you.”

“How did you know where to find me?”

His eyes narrowed as if daring her to argue about it. “Stopped by the house.” He glanced at Casey. “Lots of flashing lights. Apparently the police you talked to here went out there. Once we explained things, one of them told us where to find you.”

He took a step closer and crouched in front of Casey. “Hey, Lil’ bit. You ready to go for a ride?”

Casey backed up, pressing against Deanna’s legs. “No. I stay wif Mommy.”

Carson’s tender smile transformed his features from hard and cold to breathtaking affection. “I would never take a little girl away from her mommy. Your mommy’s coming with us.”

Casey hugged her bear tighter and straightened. “Where we goin’?”

Surprised that Casey spoke to him and had actually moved closer, Deanna slid a hand over her daughter’s hair. “We’re going to a ranch, sweet pea.”

“What’s a ranch?”

Carson gave Casey another smile that made Deanna’s pulse trip. “It’s a big place with lots of land and horses. It’s getting ready to snow there, so we’d better get moving.”

“Snow?” Casey turned to look up with wide eyes at Deanna, inadvertently gripping her hand below the cast. “Mommy! I wanna see snow!”

Unable to hold back a gasp, Deanna gently worked her daughter’s fingers from hers. “We will, sweetie.”

Sam stepped forward abruptly, holding her forearm over her sling, his eyes dark with concern. “You okay?”

“I’m fine.”

Carson got to his feet, giving another smile to Casey, his own gaze concerned. “We have to be careful with Mommy.”

Nodding, Casey gently touched Deanna’s cast. “Mommy has a boo-boo. The doctor took a picture and then put a bandage on it. The nurse gave me a wowipop.”

Carson chuckled. “A grape one.”

Casey’s eyes went wide again. “How did you know? Are you magic?”

“I have my moments.” Carson turned to Deanna. “You look like you’re in pain. Didn’t they give you any painkillers?”

Deanna forced a smile, exhaustion making her legs shake. “The doctor gave me a prescription, but I didn’t want to take anything.”

Sam scowled, his expression making him appear even more intimidating. “Why the h—” He glanced at Casey. “Why not?”

“Because I’d planned to spend the night in a bus station and then on a bus filled with strangers. I have a four-year-old to look after, and I’d rather stay alert.”

Sam inclined his head. “Understandable, but that issue no longer applies. Where’s your prescription? In here?”

Deanna nodded, frowning when he took the plastic bag containing her hospital paperwork and a copy of the police report she’d made. “Yes. I’ll—”

Carson shook his head as Sam rummaged through the small bag and turned away. “You and Lil’ bit can come with me. We’ll get you settled in the truck while Sam gets your prescription.”

Remembering her uncle’s words and trusting her own instincts, Deanna nodded again and reached for Casey’s hand. “Thank you, but I don’t understand why you’re here.”

Carson shot her an angry look as he crouched in front of Casey. “We came for you. After Sam called, we waited for you to call or show up. When you didn’t, we got worried and decided to come get you ourselves.”

Almost on eye level with Casey, Carson gave her another affectionate smile. “Would it be all right if I carry you?”

Prepared for her daughter’s rejection and fear, Deanna placed a hand on Casey’s shoulder. “I don’t think—”

To Deanna stunned amazement, Casey nodded and stepped toward him. “Pookey Bear, too?”

Carson’s smile widened. “Pookey Bear, too.”

Casey lifted one arm, holding on to her stuffed bear with the other. “You won’t drop me?”

Carson picked her up, holding her securely with one arm while placing the other against Deanna’s back, silently urging her forward. “Not a chance. You’re safe with me.”

As they walked out and crossed the parking lot, Deanna leaned closer, keeping her voice low. “You handled her perfectly. If you’d reached out to pick her up, you would have scared her. How did you know not to do that?”

Carson scanned the parking lot as they crossed it. “I know skittish when I see it. You’re both skittish, but after what I’ve seen and heard, I understand why.”

Remembering suddenly, Deanna paused. “Everything’s in Jimmy’s car.”

“Where is it?”

By the time they got their things from Jimmy’s car, along with Casey’s car seat, Sam had rejoined them.

Once they’d settled in the truck, Sam turned from the driver’s seat. “Before you take a pain pill, they want you to eat something. Where’s a good place to eat around here?”

Dakota Heat Anthology 2

Collection contains:

Dakota Heat Anthology 1

Collection contains:

Dakota Heat Anthology

Ice Men of North Dakota

(Dakota Heat 5)

Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, HEA

Barrett Brown, Quinn Phillips, Mason Malone, and Grant Richard, friends for years,  all left their ranches in Texas five years earlier in search of a change. They found that change, and the peace they craved, on the Jagged Rock.

A plane crash in the mountains shatters that peace, but not nearly as much as the woman who’s survived it. Finding her injured and half-frozen, they takes her back to the ranch, and within hours, know their lives will never be the same.

Kendra Stevenson finds herself injured and stranded on a ranch with four strange men—ice men—as hard and cold as the mountains they’ve mastered. Finding herself attracted to all four of them leaves her confused and doubting herself, but with their encouragement, she finds herself tumbling into a world of erotic hunger and warm affection that she just can’t resist.

Loving four men is risky. When her life is threatened, the stakes are even higher.


Almost two hours later, they arrived at the crash site, long after the fire had already burned out. It only took one glance to see that the pilot was dead, his body burned beyond recognition.

Clenching his jaw, he trudged through the snow around the wreckage, worried that he would find other victims. The knot in his stomach turned to ice, the horror of the situation tightening his gut.

They searched what little remained of the rest of the small plane, and the immediate surrounding area, but found no other bodies.

Grim-faced, Quinn scrubbed a hand over his face. “It looks like he was alone, but we’d better look around.”

Barrett nodded. “I doubt anyone could have survived this. We’ll spread out and see if there’s anyone else. That plane was a four-seater. Chances are, he had at least one passenger.”

The three of them fanned out, moving in increasingly larger circles around the wreckage. The snow came down heavier now, but the mountain blocked most of the wind.

Trying his best to ignore the cold, Barrett kept moving. Fearing that he would miss something, he moved with painstaking slowness with the others, as they tried to cover every inch. Using his flashlight, he scanned the surrounding area, knowing the odds of finding someone—especially someone still alive—decreased with every minute that passed.

They’d been searching for almost an hour when a sound caught his attention.

“Shh.” He stopped in his tracks and sliced a hand through the air, signaling for Quinn and Grant to be quiet.

Both men shone the flashlights in the same direction he aimed his, but he couldn’t see a damned thing besides trees and snow.

He heard nothing but silence for the next several minutes, but he didn’t move a muscle, straining his ears in an effort to hear something—anything—knowing that missing something could mean death.

Suddenly, it came again, a low, pain-filled moan, barely loud enough to be heard.

Someone had survived!

Racing in the direction it came from, he swept the area with his flashlight, but saw nothing.

“I heard it, too.” Grant came to a stop beside him, using his own light to search. “It was weak. If we don’t find him soon, he’s a goner.”

Miraculously, it came again. Quinn, who stood to his right, raced forward and dropped to his knees in the high snow. “Over here!”

Barrett moved through the heavy snow to Quinn’s side just as he uncovered what appeared to be nothing more than a mound of clothing.

Quinn’s eyes went wide, a look of horror on his face. “Christ, it’s a woman.” He turned her gently to her back, bending low and putting his ear to her face. “Thank God.” Lifting his head, he shot a glance at them, his expression hard and cold. “She’s alive, but I don’t know for how long.”

Barrett pulled off his gloves and reached for her, running his hands over her and checking for injuries. He pulled out a knife and cut the strap of the purse she’d wrapped around her. “I hate to move her, but we can’t leave her here like this. We have to take her back to the house. She might not make it to town.”

Quinn cursed, looking at Barrett over her small form. “We’d better hurry, or she might not even make it back to the ranch.”

Dakota Springs

Dakota Heat 4

Elizabeth Reed returns to her hometown for a fresh start, but she wants to avoid the ranchers who broke her heart. Hayden and Chandler Scott regret turning Elizabeth away so many years ago, but she was too young. Now that she’s back in Dakota Springs, they want a second chance to prove how much they’ve always loved her.


Elizabeth Reed gripped the receiver tightly, her gaze automatically flying to where her daughter played on the floor. “Hayden?”

“Of course it’s me! Your mother just told us that your divorce is final. Pack your things. I’m coming to get you.”

Holding the receiver away from her ear, she stared at it, dumbfounded.

After all these years, why the hell would Hayden call her now? Not wanting Angie to hear, she moved to the kitchen.

His icy tone finally broke through as she warily lifted the receiver again. “—get there I’m going to beat the hell out of him and beat your ass raw.”

With her heart beating frantically, her legs wobbled, forcing her to grip the kitchen counter for support. She kept her tone firm, not about to let him hear any kind of weakness. “This is none of your business, Hayden, and I certainly don’t need you to come and get me. I’ve grown up, just like you wanted, and I can get home all by myself.”

“Push me on this, Lizzy, and you’ll be sorry. You never should have married him. If I had known about it beforehand, I would have stopped you.”

Shock and anger rendered her nearly speechless. He’d always been arrogant, but she’d never really had it directed at her before. If he thought she would just take it like one of his ranch hands, he was in for a surprise. “Listen, you son of a bitch—”

“No! You listen! Get your shit packed. I’ll be there in the morning.”

“I won’t be here!” Elizabeth pushed the button to end the call and hurriedly tossed the phone onto the kitchen table as if it burned her. Backing away on legs that felt like jelly, she jolted when the phone rang again. And again. She took a step back with each ring, her heart racing. She had to get out of there. She couldn’t deal with him right now.

Why the hell had he called?

Each ring grated on her nerves until the answering machine finally picked up.

“Lizzy, honey, it’s Chandler. Pick up the phone and talk to me, baby. Come on.” After a few seconds of silence, his voice took on an edge. “I know you’re there. If you don’t pick up the phone right now, we’re getting the next flight and coming up there. And we won’t be happy. If you pick up and let me know you’re okay, we’ll wait for you to come home, if that’s what you want.”

“Mommy, the phone ringed. A man’s talkin’ in the ‘chine.”

Spinning, Elizabeth took a deep breath and forced a smile for her three-year-old daughter. “I know, sweetheart. I’m going to talk to him now. Go back to your dolls, darling.”

Watching her daughter walk back into the living room, Elizabeth picked up the phone, taking a deep breath before she pushed the button to talk. “Chandler, I have no idea why you and Hayden are calling, but I don’t want to talk to either one of you. We have absolutely nothing to say to each other. Promise me you won’t come here.”

“Calm down, darlin’. I don’t want you takin’ off. We just wanted to come up and help you.”

Elizabeth winced as Hayden yelled something in the background. “Chandler, I haven’t talked to either you or Hayden since…”

“Since we called you when we heard you got married.”

Elizabeth still wanted to cry every time she thought about that call and the defeat in their voices. But they’d already turned her away. “Look, I don’t know what’s gotten into either one of you. I’m coming home at the end of the week. I want to start over. I want Angie to be raised in the same small town that I was raised in. Don’t worry, I’m not coming back to bother either one of you again.”

Chandler sighed. “You’ve never been a bother to either one of us.”

“I remember it differently.”

There was a long silence, followed by a muffled sound as if Chandler had his hand over the receiver. When he came back on the phone, his frustration came through loud and clear. “We won’t come up there. But this isn’t over. We’ll talk to you when you get home.”

“We have nothing to talk about. You’ll really stay away? Both of you?”


Elizabeth had trouble believing that. “You’re lying.”

Chandler’s voice dropped so low she had to struggle to hear him. “I’ve only lied to you once in my life, Lizzy, and my life has been hell ever since. We’ll wait. But you’re supposed to come home this weekend. If you don’t, we’re coming to get you. By force, if necessary.”

Tears rolled down her face, but she fought to keep them out of her voice. “Goodbye, Chandler.” She hung up and reached for a tissue to wipe away her tears before Angie saw them.

Eight years ago, Hayden and Chandler had wanted her to leave them alone. What the hell did they want from her now?

Dakota’s Cowboys

(Dakota Heat 3)

Menage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Menage a Trois Romance, M/F/M

While struggling to keep her ranch, Dakota Wells turns away the two sexy, hard-as-nails cowboys who come looking for work. But they won’t take no for an answer and convince her to hire them. Little does she know how hard and fast she’ll fall for them.

Joe Taylor and Colt Mason have their own reasons for wanting to work at her ranch. The man causing their new employer trouble is the same man who ruined their lives years ago. Thoughts of revenge have kept them going and they won’t let anyone get in their way.

Protecting Dakota is easy. Protecting their hearts from the little spitfire is a lot more difficult.

When Dakota learns of their plan, she knows she must stop them, even though dreaming of payback has driven them for years. Can she convince them to give it up for a chance at a future with her?


Dakota Wells braced her feet and looked down the barrel of her shotgun. “Get off my land.”

The two men who’d just gotten out of their dilapidated truck halted in their tracks. Both lifted their hands, their surprise apparent. They shot a quick glance at each other before the one who’d gotten out on the driver’s side spoke. “Ma’am, Mr. Tillman from the feed store told us you might be looking for hands. We were hoping you’d hire us.”

His deep, husky tone sent a shiver through her. Dakota fought to ignore it and concentrated on studying them. Both looked to be a couple of inches over six feet tall. The shearling jackets they wore had been left open, giving her a glimpse of their powerful builds. The graceful, controlled way they moved warned her that they could strike out like rattlers. She definitely didn’t want them to come any closer.

Their hair hung below their hats, the driver’s a deep brown, the other’s blonde. Their cowboy hats shaded their faces, preventing her from seeing their eyes. She’d learned to tell a lot about a person by watching their eyes. She tried to ignore the fluttering in her stomach as they both continued to stare at her. Inwardly cursing for allowing herself to be distracted, she forced herself to focus on their faces. The smiles they shot at her looked out of place and forced. Planting her feet more firmly, she narrowed her eyes.

She’d seen enough snakes with fake smiles to last her a lifetime.

When the blonde spoke, she shifted her gaze to him, keeping the gun aimed at the driver. “We know everything there is to know about horses. We also know about cattle, but Tillman said he didn’t know if you still had any.”

“I don’t.”

“Well, we can help with the horses and anything else you need help with.” He gestured toward the porch she stood on with half the railing missing. “We can fix the porch for you.” He pointed to the roof. “You got some shingles missing, and we could chop wood for your fireplace.”

“I don’t need any hired help, and even if I did, I can’t afford to pay you. Goodbye.”

The driver of the truck took a step closer and lowered his hands. “Ma’am, we’ll be happy to work for room and board. We have no place to stay and can’t afford one.”

Dakota tightened her grip as the other man also dropped his hands. “I have no place for you to sleep.”

The other man took a step toward her. “We’d be happy to sleep in the bunkhouse.”

“Burned down.”

When the driver started to take another step, Dakota pumped a cartridge into the chamber. “Close enough, cowboy.”

He froze, lifting his hands again, looking more frustrated than afraid. “Ma’am, we’d be happy to sleep on the porch or in your stable. We just need meals and a place to shower.”

Dakota eyed them warily. They didn’t have the cocky attitudes the men Ed Franks usually sent over did. Far from it. These two looked hard and cold, but polite and respectful. Other than frustration, they showed no emotion at having a loaded shotgun pointed at them. The men Ed usually sent over would have already been inching toward their truck and either spurting threats or lewd comments.

It had been a long time since she’d been around a man with any balls. Other than her father and Ben Parson, the town deputy, her neighbor was the only formidable man she’d ever met. But Ed’s courage came from his money and the men he constantly surrounded himself with.

In contrast, the two men standing in front of her would have been right at home in the old west. These two looked more than capable of taking care of themselves.

But could she trust them?

She cocked her head, gesturing toward the neighboring ranch. “I saw your truck going up to Ed’s place the other day. What were you doing there?”

The driver shrugged. “Looking for work.”

“And he didn’t hire you?”

“No, ma’am. Said he didn’t want any strangers around and to come back next month.”

Damn it. That meant Ed didn’t want any witnesses around. Now more than ever it would be good to have another set of eyes around. Or two.

“How do I know you didn’t take a job with him and he’s the one who sent you over here?”

He frowned at her as though confused, making her wish once again that she could see his eyes. “Why would he hire me and send me over here?”

Instead of answering him, she lowered the gun. “Look, I’m sorry you’re having a hard time right now, but maybe you’d be better off finding some kind of work in town. Being out here with me could be dangerous.”

The blonde flashed her a grin, which did strange things to her insides. “You’re a tough woman, ma’am, but I think Joe and I can handle any danger from you.”

Dakota narrowed her eyes again as his seductive tone shot heat straight to her slit. She shifted, uneasily. “That’s not the kind of danger I’m talking about. But if you’re thinking along those lines, then it’s best you be on your way.”

The driver stepped forward and Dakota raised the shotgun again. “I said that was close enough, cowboy.”

He held his hands out again, shooting a look at his friend. “I can’t deny you’re a fine looking woman, but chasing you around doesn’t put food in my belly. My friend doesn’t mean anything by what he said. It’s kinda hard to see any danger around here, except for falling off a horse, something I haven’t done since I was four.”

Her daddy had told her to always go with her instincts. She couldn’t quite associate these men with Ed Franks. They just didn’t seem like the kind of men who would blindly follow orders like the men Ed surrounded himself with.

She lowered the gun again, hoping like hell she wasn’t about to make a huge mistake. “Before you decide to stay, you should know that Ed Franks,” she gestured toward the ranch next door again, “is doing his best to run me out. Your lives may be in danger, no, make that will be in danger when he sends his flunkies over again.”

The blonde frowned and pushed his hat back. Getting a good look at his face for the first time, she barely smothered a gasp. Tight features made him look cold and ruthless, but the gentleness in his gaze nearly undid her. “Are you telling us that the men over there are causin’ you trouble, ma’am?”

Dakota blinked, trying to remember what they’d been talking about and smiled humorlessly. “You could say that. If you stay here, he’s gonna have his men try to scare you off, buy you off, or kill you. Hey, if you can get past the scared, you’ll be making money after all. I’m not sure how much he’ll offer, but it’ll be a helluva lot more than room and board. If you want to work until then, fine.”

The blonde stepped forward. “My name’s Colt Mason and this is my friend Joe Taylor. You don’t have to worry about him buying us off ma’am. We won’t leave as long as he’s bothering you.”

Dakota laughed. “Sure you will.. Don’t forget about the scaring you off part. You’ve got to get past that before you get the money.”

The driver, Joe, narrowed his eyes. “We won’t be taking any money from him and we don’t scare easily.”

Dakota nodded, not believing him for a minute. “We’ll see.”

“Yes, ma’am. You will.”

Dakota Ranch Crude

(Dakota Heat 2)

When Samantha Cross goes to her brother’s employers to ask for help, she had no idea that it would change her life forever. To repay their debt, they both have to live and work at the Dakota Ranch for one year. Samantha has no option but to accept.

Her brother’s employers, Shayne and Jackson Montgomery, are not what she expected. Jackson, the younger brother is too handsome and charming to resist, especially when he sets his sights on her. He wants her to share her life with not only him, but his older brother, Shayne.

She realizes that the only way is to show Shayne he’s not the crude animal he’s become convinced he is.

Shayne is hard headed and won’t believe it, convinced that he would only hurt her. Can Samantha convince this tender giant that he and his brother are perfect for her?


Her body screamed for relief, yearned to be touched, stroked. As they moved close, she couldn’t help but arch toward them, gasping at the first feel of their rough hands on her ultra sensitive breasts. For both of them to be touching her this way drove all doubts from her mind. They touched her reverently, their fingers moving over her slowly as they caressed the curves of her breasts.

“Ohhh.” Samantha’s breath caught as she tried to remain still.

“You’re so soft,” Shayne said so softly she barely heard him.

“And beautiful,” Jackson smiled at her. “Look at these pretty little nipples.”

When he touched a finger to one, Samantha almost jolted off the counter. Oh God. Her nipples had become so sensitive and needy that the least little touch sent an arrow of need straight to her pussy. She trembled and her stomach clenched almost painfully. Her panties had become even more soaked as her body prepared to be taken. When Shayne touched the other, she cried out at the exquisite pleasure.

Shayne jerked his hand away. “Did I hurt you?”

She saw the despair on his face. This was the crude animal that everyone talked about?

Nothing could have reassured her more. “No. You didn’t hurt me. It felt too good.” She took his big hand in hers and lifted it back to her breast, moaning as Jackson lightly pinched her other nipple. “Please touch me.”

The heat in his eyes threatened to burn her. “You like when I touch you like this, baby?”

“Oh God. Yes.”

They each touched her with one hand while removing her shirt and bra with the other. Soon she was bared to the waist and they both ran their hands over her, not missing an inch of exposed flesh.

“You have the prettiest breasts I’ve ever seen,” Jackson told her softly. “I have to have a taste.”

“I want to taste something else,” Shayne’s deep voice rumbled, making her shiver. “I want my mouth on your soft pussy.” Oh God. The need in his voice sent her senses soaring as fresh moisture dampened her panties even more.

Her eyes popped open when he lifted her and with alarming ease, moved to the table and laid her on it before reaching for the fastening of her jeans.

Jackson leaned over her, pinching a nipple lightly. When she gasped and arched, he did it again. “You are so incredibly responsive. Your little nipples are just begging for my touch and you came before we even had you undressed. My brother and I are going to spend a lot of time getting to know your beautiful body, honey. And we’re going to enjoy every minute of driving you wild.”

Her jeans and panties slid down her legs and off until she lay naked on the kitchen table. She trembled even harder and her insides clenched. Jackson leaned down and took a nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard as his fingers closed over the other. Her hands tangled in his hair as she tried to hold him closer.

“Open your eyes.”

Her eyes popped open at the steel in Shayne’s tone. He’d never used that tone with her before. It caused a fresh rush of moisture to drip from her. Her pussy clenched uselessly and she thought she would die of need. How could they keep doing this to her?