Warlocks’ Witch

Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Multiple Partners, Fantasy, Romantic Suspense, MFMM, HEA

Alexandria Breyson stood at the graves belonging to her family, vowing to make their murderer pay.

Unnerved by the appearance of Maximillian, Drake and Armand Blackstone, the three most powerful warlocks in the world and the Council commissioners, she did what she’d always done.

Masked her powers.

But the commissioners saw through her mask, and when another attack came, they convinced her to go to with them for safety in exchange for teaching her to use her powers.

Lust flared between them, quickly becoming so much more.

Fighting to protect her from a crazed warlock intent on having her, they fought to come to grips with their own feelings for her and the jealousy that came with sharing her.

Working together, they took on a deranged warlock who wanted her for himself, while learning that love was the strongest power of all.


Warlock Impact.

Alexandria Breyson had experienced it several times in her life but never with the intensity that she did now.

The large number of people gathered at the gravesite faded into the fog surrounding her, leaving only the three powerful warlocks standing across from her.

The minister spoke, but the words disappeared in the mist.

The homicide detective with sharp eyes and dozens of questions faded into the background.

The horror and pain that had surrounded her the last three days had been pushed behind the wall of ice she’d carefully erected between her and the rest of the world.

Looking down at the graves of her mother, father and younger sister, she knew she had to keep the wall in place, especially around the three warlocks who headed the Council.

The Commissioners.

They were powerful and ruthless and, if they knew the truth about her, would take away her powers.

She was alone now, and she needed her powers to get revenge against the outlaw warlock who’d killed her family.

She kept her head down, purposely focusing her attention on the large arrangement of pink roses she’d ordered for her younger sister’s grave.

Anna had loved pink roses.

She’d loved everything pink.

Alexandria lifted her gaze and drew a deep breath and did what she’d been avoiding.

She looked at the three coffins containing her mother, her father, and her baby sister.

Her entire family.

Her throat clogged with tears, the agony of knowing she would never see them again nearly ripping her apart.

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, struggling to push all emotion except fury aside.

She could handle the fury.

She reveled in it.

She could mourn their deaths later.

Right now, she could only focus on one thing.

Making their killer pay.

If she thought about anything else, she’d go mad.

Once she felt back in control, she opened her eyes, taking another deep breath, something compelling her to lift her head, and without meaning to, she looked across her family’s grave to the warlocks staring at her, their position ensuring that she would see them each time she looked up.

Her breath caught at the power emanating from them, an intense power that those with power understood and those without could only feel.

Those without power would see them only as compelling and intimidating, men other men eyed with caution and women eyed with interest.

She’d never met them before, but her father had shown her their pictures.

The Commissioners.

Maximillian, Drake, and Armand Blackstone.

Before her stood the most powerful of all warlocks.

Their power was legendary and the reason they headed the Council.

The Council, the governing body for those with power, also ran the Enforcement Agency, an agency of men and women with power who fought to maintain law and order.

She had to avoid the Council and the Enforcement Agency at all costs.

She snuck another glance at them, but their images had already become imprinted on her mind.

They were more handsome in person and bigger than she’d expected, tall and powerfully built, but it was the power glittering in their light brown eyes that made it difficult to breathe.

She knew them to be distant cousins, having inherited their powers from the same ancestor.

Each stood well over six feet tall and had wide shoulders and ink-black hair, Maximillian Blackstone’s thick hair shorter than the others, as if a civilized haircut could disguise the primitive power emanating from him.

Dressed all in black, he wore a structured raincoat against the drizzle, another attempt to appear businesslike and perhaps to blend in with the crowd.

Alexandria couldn’t help but wonder how many of those without power noticed that his hair remained dry.

Armand wore his hair the longest, past his shoulders, and even with the black suit he wore, he wore a billowy coat that came just past his knees and moved in the slight wind, giving him the appearance of a gunslinger right out of the Old West.

She glanced at Drake, who stood on the other side of Maximillian, his layered hair just barely brushing his shoulders.

His sleek leather coat gave him a dangerous look, his steady stare unnerving her.

Alarmed at what they might see, she hurriedly lowered her gaze again, hoping that once they paid their respects, they would leave and she’d never see or hear from them again.

She couldn’t let them interfere with her plans.

Furtively glancing to the left, and then to the right, she located the detectives who’d asked her dozens of questions during the past week.

Watching them move in the background, she saw that they took notes, a photographer snapping pictures in the background.

They’d become frustrated at their lack of leads, but they were way out of their league.

They’d never find her family’s killer.

Even if they found him, they’d never be able to capture him.

Only someone with a great deal of power could.

She’d briefly considered going to the Commissioners for help, but she knew that they wouldn’t allow her to take part in finding him.

Worse, they would make it impossible for her to get the revenge she desperately needed.

The possibility that they would try to stop her by taking her power strengthened her resolve.

Her father had been very explicit about avoiding them, and now alone, she found herself even more determined to honor her father’s wishes.

She needed to stay hidden in order to do what she had to do.

She would find the warlock who’d killed her family, and when she did, she would make him pay—with his life.